TokyoFlash has put out quite the variety of interesting watch models,  and I’ve also seen other watches that put digital storage on your wrist.  Today, we’ll see both of those put together with the Upload watch.

Generally, when we see a watch that digital storage on it, it’s some clunky mess (and offers under a gig of storage), or it’s someone just offering a case to put your iPod nano into (which is a whole different thing all together).  Here, however, we’ve actually got an interesting package.

As you’d expect, the watch syncs via USB.  The storage, however, is actually a user-replaceable micro SD card.  So, while the watch comes with a 2 GB chip in it, you could very easily bump it up to whatever capacity your wallet will allow.  Since the watch itself isn’t using the chip (it’s acting more like a USB reader, in a sense), I would imagine that capacity isn’t limited by the hardware.

And speaking of the hardware, this is one of the easier-to-read display methods I’ve seen from TF.  Sure, it may not be a visually interesting (or give you a sense of accomplishment when learning to read it), but there is a nice simplicity to it.  If you look at the display straight-on, it looks to be overly stretched.

However, look at it from an angle, and the numbers compress, and you can very easily read it.  In other words, this is going to be a VERY easy watch to read if you glance down for the time at your desk, or while you’re driving.

In another twist, we have a rechargeable battery (also done via the USB lashup).  A charge takes under 4 hours, and should be good for at least 3 months.  With that lasting at least 3 months, and the battery handling 300 charges, you should get a lifetime out of the battery.  Of course, if you don’t, it’s user-replaceable, so you won’t be dead in the water.

You can pick yours up here for $169 – looks like a good price if you always want to make sure you’ve got your digital files with you.

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