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TokyoFlash Releases A SciFi-tastic Watch




Long-time readers of this blog are certainly aware of TokyoFlash, and the watches they’ve been releasing. While they’ve created quite a variety of styles, their latest really feels to me like it came out of a SciFi movie or television show from the ’80s (in my mind, that’s not a bad thing).


They’re billing a motion sensor as the niftiest feature on their new Kisai Neutro, but for me, the star of the show are the LED strips. I can’t quite tell if these are reminding me of Knight Rider, the Cylons from the original Battlestar Galactica series, or some other random cheese-fest that I’ve seen, but they do pluck on some fuzzy memory I have, and I can’t help but to like them. In their always-on mode (which can be disabled), it looks like you have a sort of random lightshow going on your wrist (either in a fade or wave pattern, your choice).


Whether or not the watch is set to “always on”, those LED bars are where the time is displayed. You can depress a button if you like, or you can rely on the built-in motion sensor and activate the time display with a flick of the wrist. Surprisingly with this watch, there’s no funky method of telling the time. It simply displays the time, one digit at a time, until it cycles through the four digits.


Also unlike some of the other TokyoFlash models we’ve covered recently, there’s no alarm function built into this watch. You do have a date function (which can be displayed as MM/DD or DD/MM), and it also features a rechargeable battery, via the ubiquitous USB port. They state a full charge (around 3.5 hours) should last a month, but I have to imagine that will be reduced if you have the “always on” mode activated.


The case itself is made of steel (as will be the bracelet, which I assume to be folded link) and plastic (for the LED bars), and it measures in at 34mm wide and 64mm tall; you can pick yours up right here for $169.  tokyoflash.com


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