TokyoFlash recently released another watch in their expanding lineup of wood-encased (and braceleted) watches. This latest one, the Space Digits Wood, really further underscores the the Seventies Retro-Future vibe. This first and foremost comes from the console-style case, and it’s further underscored by the LCD display.

That display carries the sort of look that you’d expect to see from computer animations of the era, is what it ultimately reminded me of. Perhaps it was just exposure to green-screen drafting stations that set this in mind for me, but that’s really what it reminds me of.


In the display, given the angles of things, it makes it look as if you’re rushing down a Tron-like tunnel. Even with the parallelograms framing the display, it’s still a fairly easy watch to read. You pick up the time reading it from left to right, and the date (no pushing a button to get it to display on this model) is read from top to bottom.

In terms of the wood used for the watch, you’ve got a couple of options – a dark and green sandalwood, or a maple and sandalwood combination. Yes, these watches use two types of wood, creating a laminated bracelet, giving an interesting two-tone look on the sides. It’s something I don’t know I’ve seen any other wooden watch do, so it’s an interesting differentiator.


Styling aside, this is a digital watch with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from TokyoFlash – alarm, backlight, and the like. This one uses a standard watch battery, so no worries about recharging the watch throughout the day. If you’d like to grab one, head on over to URL and bring along a rather reasonable $109 to get your own today.

By Patrick Kansa

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3 thoughts on “TokyoFlash’s Latest Watch Invades Space”
  1. I bought a similar watch from Tokyo Flas. The wood casing broke the third time I wore it. After a number of e mails back and forth, they wanted to send me a new watch case and have me make the repair. I insisted that it be covered under warranty and they sent me a return form. The return form stated that postage up to $18 would be reimbursed. I finally got the watch back. I’ve sent them four different e mails with proof of my $12.75 postage and they have chosen not to answer those e mails. I’ve purchased 5 watches from them and they refuse to answer my e mails or refund the $12. Not what I expected from this company.

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