Remember when the multi-colored iPod nano ads came out? How you were all like “Ohhh… I’d like the orange one maybe. And the black one is amazing!” Well, here is Too Late, a watch company that truly attacks that weird hunter-gatherer node in the brain that encourages us to like bright colors.

We saw this watch on our travels through Roma and I had to share it with you. The company is based in Italy and they make them in two sizes, although both were too small for me. The watches are ostensibly waterproof and come in little glass jars.


You can buy them here and I’ll have a full review after my wife wears it for a few days. They even come in glow-in-the-dark models! They’re no Nooka, but if you care more about your watchband not clashing with your Pumas and less about the movement or feature set, this is a cool watch.

3 thoughts on “Too Late Watches: Jolly candy watches”
  1. there are now some funny and colorful faceplates for these watches. they are called Popochos, really cool!!! i have seen them in italy

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