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Torgoen teams up with Miracle Flights, for the kids


Torgoen, you know. In fact, we reviewed two of their watches a little bit ago (here and here), and their ties into aviation are pretty well set. Miracle Flights, you’re probably not as aware of.

At least, I hope you’ve not been in a position to need to take advantage of what it is Miracle Flights is doing. They started up in 1985, and they operate flights to get children with rare and life-threatening illnesses to where they can get treatment. All at no cost to the family. So, as I say, I hope you never need to use what they offer, but it’s great it’s there for those who do need it.

While the flights are free to the family, of course running those planes isn’t free, so like any charity, they need to raise funds. Torgoen is pledging a percentage of their sales (across all watch models) to Miracle Flights to help in that regard. So, if you’re on the hunt for a watch, and like the warm fuzzy feeling of also being able to help a worthwhile charity, here’s a way to do it. torgoen.com

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