Mondain ToM 02Over the weekend, Touch of Modern put up three new sales that I though would be interesting to our readers.  If you have not visited the site, it is a member’s only, limited time sale site that highlights a lot of cool products to wear or have around the house, mainly catering to guys.  If you are not yet a member, join here, if you are already a member, head straight to the product pages.Mondain ToM 01


First up is a collection of Swiss watches from Mondain, the company behind the iconic Swiss Railway clock.  I have always liked the design, and my favorites from the sale are the Classic Automatic (above) and the Quartz Stop 2 Go (top).  The Automatic feature a SW220-1 movement (from my research, not identified on ToM, and not a guarantee on my part),  a 40mm case, and a mineral crystal, on sale for $720, discounted from $995.  The quartz Stop 2 Go features a unique style of movement, where the second hand completed its circle in 58 seconds, and then pauses for 2 seconds while the minute hand ticks forward.  This movement mimics the way that the Swiss Railway clocks run, a different and interesting way to present the time.

Fitya ToM 01

Another brand that came up on the site is Fitya, a manufacturer of automatic and mechanical timepieces out of China.  There are a variety of styles for sale right now, and many of them look tempting.  One of my favorites in the Photographer Collection Mechanical Watch (above) a skeletoninzed mechanical in a 42mm black IP stainless case.  The design opens up enough of the movement (Chinese made) to view, but still leaves the dial very readable.  There is an exhibition caseback and sapphire crystals front and back.  I don’t know what makes this a photographer’s watch (other watches look like a camera control dial), but this one is on sale for $400, a discount from the list of $555.

Fitya ToM 02Fitya outfitted the first Chinese astronauts with watches for their historic spacewalk, and there are 3 versions of the commemorative watch for sale.  The official 10th Anniversary Watch, a limited edition, is on sale for $1,399 from $1,920; the limited edition with a red and black dial (my choice) is on sale for $889 from $1,220; and the black and green version is on sale for $1,299 from $1,780.  All three watches feature a Fitya automatic chronograph movement  and a sapphire crystal.  The Anniversary and red and black watches are titanium, while the third watch is stainless steel.

Off the Cuff ToM 01The last sale I want to point out is not for a watch, but for those of us that want to show off our love of watches in a more formal setting.  I have seen mechanical movements turned into cufflinks or other bits of jewelry before, so the Off the Cuff sale is nothing ground breaking, but the cufflinks are still pretty cool, and at $50 to $60 for a pair, they are reasonable.

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