Seemed liked we were on a roll with bringing some new models to your attention, so I thought I’d keep that going for the weekend, at least.

Now, if you recall, when I reviewed the Niven model back in May, I covered the fact that it had an acetate case surrounding the movement.  This made for an interesting finish possibility, as well as lightening up the watch quite a bit.  With their new Stirling model, they’re going a more “traditional” route with a steel case:

We now launch our first full metal timepieces, Stirling Steel Nevil and Stirling Brown Nevil. When the decision to go metal was made we wanted to conceptualize the idea of the material, by making all detailing in metal finish. The only exception is the second hand which has an expressive Klein-blue colour. Stirling Steel has a retro 70’s mesh band whilst Stirling Brown has an organic leather Nato strap from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö.

Ticking away inside that 42mm case you’ve got a Miyota OS-21 quartz movement doing the time keeping (and chronograph duties), so there shouldn’t be any worries there.  As far as the styling, if you want the steel case, you’ve really only got two choices.  Do you want the cool stainless mesh, or the warmth of tanned leather (both 20mm, I believe)?

For me, I like the contrast of the steel and leather, though the mesh band does allow for the monochrome / modern look to shine through.  Of course, any NATO could get in the mix as well.  Regardless, if you want to pick one up, pull together $350 and head on over here.  Of course, you could opt for one of the existing models (if you just plain like the styling) and save some coin; those come in at $285.

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Last Update: October 11, 2012

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