Now, you might be expecting that this is another watch release, given how they’ve used the “Time For” phrasing in the past (see here, for example). However, that’s not the case. In fact, this is more broadly applied to all of the Triwa products. They’re committed to being more eco friendly, and they just recently got certified to be able to calculate a carbon footprint for everything they produce.

They’re doing this with the help of a Swedish firm, Doconomy, which is focused on calculating these carbon footprints across a variety of inputs. They state you’ll be able to see on the Triwa site the direct carbon impact of the watch you’re looking at. It’s also got a two-fold impact:

On the new website, each product declares its carbon footprint next to the price, allowing all customers to better understand its impact. For example, a watch from the Ocean Plastic Collection has a total carbon footprint of 1,38 KG CO2e, whilst a Smokey Nevil has a carbon footprint of 3,07 KG CO2e. TRIWA’s commitment towards impact transparency is two-fold, both accelerating customers’ understanding of a product’s carbon footprint and establishing a starting point for TRIWA’s own ambition to reduce the overall impact of manufacturing and distribution.


Of course, it remains to be seen if any other parts of the watch industry – or other consumer goods, for that matter – join in, but this seems like a solid first step that Triwa is taking the lead with.

ByPatrick Kansa

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