As you can see, we haven’t updated in a bit. We’re looking for a writer who might like to write about cool guy stuff. Drop me a line at john at thesportinglife dot net if you’re interested.


  1. I’m infinately cool. So cool that I actually frighten myself from time to time.
    I’m a fly-casting instructor and trout guide, writer, upland/waterfowl/big game hunter and human services director.
    Oh, and I enjoy walks on the beach, bare naked surfing and honest people.
    This is a job opening for a Playboy centerfold…right?
    Word to your mommy,
    Dan Brown-Taylors Falls, MN

  2. I am commenting on myself.
    Man o’ effin’ live, I do sound cool!
    Somebody better hire me!
    What is the job exactly? Writing about cool sh*t?
    Hey, I dig watches, too! Here’s me arsenal, past and present: Omega Speedmaster and Dynamic chrono, various Seikos, Citizen Eco-zilla, Sandoz Air-King, O&W M5, Marathon, Tauchmeister (crappola, BTW). Hmm, some others, but I forgot. Oh, the occasional Timex and Casio, too.
    Me again

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