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You learn something new every day.  I had seen Tsovet watches on-line and in stores, and with the “Swiss Made” designation, I just figured they were a European brand selling their wares on these shores.  Little did I realize that the brand is actually out of Newport Beach, a mere couple of miles from where I sit writing this review.  The Watch Co., an authorized retailer of Tsovet watches was kind enough to send me one a Tsovet SVT-RS40 men’s analog watches for review, and I have really enjoyed wearing it.

Tsovet SVT RS40 01

Fitting the look of the watch, Tsovet puts it into the “Field” category, and they offer the watch in 8 color combinations, with either a gunmetal, copper or brushed stainless case, and a matte grey, tan or black dial on a 20mm honey, brown or black leather strap.  The case itself is 40mm is diameter, 50mm lug tip to tip, and sits 20mm tall.  Ticking away under the hardened mineral crystal is a Ronda 513.1 quartz movement, with a lifetime battery replacement offer (shipping is not included) and a 5 year warranty on the watch.  With the watch’s description, they allude to an aviation heritage for the design, and I certainly can see the two styles coming together in this watch.

Tsovet SVT RS40 03

On the wrist, the watch is light, comfortable, and very attractive.  Telling time is simple with the clean layout, the white tipped (luminescent) baton styles hands, the raised white lume painted numerals for the even hours and bars for the odd, and the minute marking on the outermost ring.  The bezel is fairly thin, lending more space for the dial, and there is a beveled edge to the slightly raised flat crystal.  Tsovet is in white while the rest of the identifying text is in a very subtle black printing, slightly darker then the face itself.  On the crown is “Tsovet Timing Guages,” and the screw down caseback has pertinent watch data etched into it.  The last bits of branding are on the inside of the leather strap and the buckle.

Tsovet SVT RS40 13

Unless a watch is really showing off a complication or has a clear design basis, I prefer a straight forward look, and this watch hits that mark.  Pushing 50, with my eyes not as good as they used to be, I also find most date windows are virtually useless, so this design hits the right marks for me.  Alternating large numbers and markers keeps the watch face very readable (but not to the point where the numbers look over-sized) and uncrowded at the same time.  The handset adds to this (at least on the black dial version) , with the hands themselves matching the color of the face and only the white lume on the ends standing out.  The second hand is counterbalanced by a small jet/arrowhead shape, which is a common element in some Tsovet watch lines and really only stands out when you have a handset in a contrasting color scheme to the face.

Tsovet SVT RS40 07

Packaging with the watch is likewise minimal but also useful.  The watch is shipped flat in a felt lined sleeve, a handy bit of packaging that I would use for travel.  The sleeve itself is packaged in a long, slim box, so it would look more like a necklace or bracelet when gift wrapped (never too soon to think about the next gift opportunity), and not a standard watch box.  I think the brand did a good job with the packaging, moving away from the more traditional offering but providing their customers with a handy accessory.

Tsovet SVT RS40 12

As I tend to do with review watches, I get opinions from a number of friend and coworkers, and all the remarks have been very positive on this watch.  The size would make it a good choice as a larger woman’ watch as well, though it might sit a bit tall for a slimmer wrist.  As a daily wear watch, it is light and comfortable and certainly something I could wear to the office or out on the weekend playing golf or grabbing dinner with friends.  watchco.com   tsovet.com

Review Summary
  • Brand & Model: Tsovet SVT-RS40
  • Price: $350
  • Who’s it for?: Anyone in need of a clean watch design.
  • Would I wear it?:  Definitely.
  • What I’d change: Maybe go slimmer.
  • The best thing about it:  Straight ahead looks, and I like the “0” for 10.

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