Ever wonder how watches get into movies? It’s not because the actors like them. Watch companies pay big bucks for that kind of exposure, even if it’s a three second shot of a watch on Al Pacino’s hand.

According to TMZ, Tutima agreed to pay the production company for Righteous Kill $50,000 along with $1,000,000 in advertising if they showed a Tutima in the movie. The company didn’t pay up and all are angry.


  1. Why would they pay $1,500,000 for a average looking watch? The future of watches is in watch phone devices. Tutima watches are average and standard looking. The newest movement in watch accessories are only found in the U.S. thru http://www.3gwatches.com . They specialize in top of the line multimedia watches that are the best you can get in affordable luxury. Check them out Righteous Kill production crew before you waste another million $$!!

  2. You must be insane or you do not know what you are talking about. Just taking the opportunity trying to advertise your crap for watches…

  3. “Why would they pay $1,500,000 for a average looking watch?…Tutima watches are average and standard looking.”

    Wash your mouth out with hedgehog pee. These are Tutima, not Rolex.

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