Today, I came across a rather unique line of mechanical watches from MeisterSinger.  While it they have a variety of “standard” (three-hand) and “function” (think chronograph and other complications), the ones that most caught my eye were the single-hand watches.  While you’re not going to get millisecond precision when looking at the time, you could easily see that, hey, it’s about quarter past 10.  Day to day, that’s going to get you by (at least, for most of us).

Initially, I perused the single-hand collection , and the color combo on the No. 02 watch grabbed my attention.  The yellowed dial just gives it a slightly vintage feel, and somehow that seems to work nicely with the single hand presentation.



  • Movement:  Unitas 6497-1 (hand-wound)
  • Case:  43 mm steel with exhibition caseback
  • WR:  5 bar
  • Power reserve:  48 hours
  • Sapphire crystal


If you’d prefer something in an automatic flavor, the watch that really caught my eye is the Neo 1Z.  Again, you get the same, simple, single-hand presentation, with a five different color combinations to choose from (again, the vintagey sunburst ivory dial grabbed my attention).  What I really like about this one is how thin the bezel on the case is – it seems like, when on the wrist, you would see only the dial and the strap, and not particularly notice the bezel.


Neo 1Z


  • Movement:  ETA 2824-2 Automatic
  • Case: 36 mm steel (solid back)
  • WR: 999 bar
  • Power reserve: 38 hours
  • Plexi-glass crystal

Overall, the single hand style is an interesting style variation I had not seen before, and I think would work quite well in daily usage.  I was not able to find much in terms of pricing, other than one online vendor, which had prices starting and $1600 and going up depending on the model in question.

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Last Update: August 18, 2011