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Up close with the Skagen Hagen Connected Smartwatch


Smartwatches aren’t real watches but the Skagen Hagen comes pretty close. This new piece from the Danish brand is a handsome, usable little timepiece made of titanium. It features a soft leather strap and a dial at 9 o’clock that displays your current activity.


The $215 Hagen isn’t a smartwatch per se. Like the watches using the MMT MotionX movement, the watch hides its smarts behind an analog face. You can connect the watch to an Android or iOS phone and control your music with the buttons on the side. It also buzzes when you get a call or notification. That, basically, is about it. It’s more of a notification tool than a true smartwatch.


Oddly enough, however, I think that’s just fine. This titanium-cased watch doesn’t need a screen or a lot of frippery. It’s designed for folks who might want to ensure they stand up an walk a little every day and not much else. While you’re not going to see the weather on here the Skagen Hagen is for folks who know they can just look out the window to tell if its raining. It’s a comforting piece, handsome in its civility and understated style. That, my friends, is pretty cool.


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