This is one of our first video reviews so I decided to feature the super cheap, nicely-styled Alibaba watch from Cronos. This watch costs about $200-300 online and you should be able to find very good examples on eBay. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Hey all, John Biggs from WristWatchReview here.

I wanted to put together a quick video on the Cronos dive watch running a PT5000 movement
this is a Rolex homage and it has a lumed bezel and is water fast to 200 meters. To be clear, I wouldn’t dive in this thing but you can probably take a shower or a swim.

I did this video because it’s not worth writing about this watch per se. It cost me $150 used on Ebay and I bought it because, as I’ve said before, I fully support small watchmakers and I definitely support anything that can get more watch lovers into the industry without scaring them off with ridiculous prices.

This watch has a nice steel bracelet and very nice clasp. It opens and closes smoothly. The bezel is also very smooth – no complaints from me – and the movement keeps accurate time. I’d wager this has about 10 hours of reserve time in it and when I put it down it unwound overnight so don’t expect very long life.

The PT5000 is a very primitive movement with 25 jewels. It runs at twenty-eight thousand vibrations per hour and powers most of the Chinese watches you’re going to see in the $100-200 range.

Would I recommend this thing? Yeah, I would, especially if you’re just starting out in collecting. Given Rolex ADs don’t actually want your money, this is the next best thing and you definitely won’t feel bad if you scratch it or leave it in an airport.

Is it my favorite watch? no. I’d say a Tissot Seastar might be a better investment but given the low price and more than acceptable quality, I’ll just say it’s a nice piece and if you can find one used then by all means take a flyer. After all, watches are meant to be worn and divers like this one are meant to be abused.

Thanks for watching and we’ll have more of these in the months to come.

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

3 thoughts on “Video Review: The Cronos PT5000 Diver”
  1. Hi John,

    If this watch is still available, I would be proud to adopt it. Please advise, thank you.


  2. Nice effort Sir. Anyone who can incorporate Wes Montgomery into a watch video gets a thumbs up from me. Take care and happy holidays!

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