I’ve never been a big fan of gold on watches but I like how Vogard has put this whole thing together. What you’re seeing is a new version of the Vogard Chronozoner, a chronograph with instant time-zone changing. The original Vogards revolutionized GMT watches by allowing users to simply flip a little lever to set a new timezone. Now all you have to do is twist the bezel and you’re instantly showing the time in another country.

This old girl now has a carbon fiber face, PVD titanium, and a gold face detail and bezel. It’s like a Hublot Big Bang only not boring! Don’t bother asking the price. Even with my elevated AOL salary I’m not even allowed to look at the price tag on this thing without a credit check.

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  1. I’ve heard these are extremely popular. I think mainly because all the other watch company’s versions of worldtimers are much more complex, and harder to operate.

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