The most striking feature is, of course, that gorgeous bronze case, made from the bronze alloy UNI5275.  While it looks to be a bead-blasted finish (given how smooth and “soft” it is), I’m sure it’s something that would develop a patina over time, much like the other bronze watches we’ve taken a look at here on WWR.

The crown and caseback are made of stainless steel, and inside the watch beats one of two movements – either the ETA 2824-2, or the top grade 2824-2, depending on what the original purchaser opted for.  In many ways (case aside), this watch is similar to their Moray model, with one notable exception.  It appears that the Moray  is  “only” water resistant to 500 meters, whereas the Bronze Moray 2 gives you a full 1000 meters, plus a HEV.  Signs of a serious dive watch here!

One other interesting aspect to this watch is that it shipped with two straps – you could chose from two leather straps, or a leather and a rubber strap.  Regardless of the choice, I suppose that gives you one to hit the water with, and then one for dry-land excursions.  When the watch was still available, it appears that it sold for around $1100, with another $100 or so tacked on if you opted for the movement upgrade.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, this watch is unfortunately no longer for sale – actually, it looks like everything Benarus has made so far has sold out, though their web page states that more will be getting posted soon.  So, if you do manage to see one of these out in the wild, take the opportunity to get a closer look. Given the small number of these watches that were made, it’s not likely you’ll see if again (unless you manage to buy it from the current owner, that is).

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