For myself, I’ve always liked the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Something about all those crisp lines – even when curved – just really speaks to me. Of course, having his studio here outside of Chicago to be able to tour certainly helps as well. If you’re like me, and like Wright designs, these new watches that Bulova just announced are probably going to be of interest.

First up – and to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation – is a 500-piece limited edition watch called December Gifts, pictured above. This tank-style watch is loaded with plenty of Wright design cues, and, at $475 is the most expensive of the watches introduced this week.

Next up, we’ve got Bulova taking an abstract version of December Gifts and creating the Oculus. You can see some of the design cues carrying over, albeit much less Prairie Style looking. Perhaps modernized, you might say. Here, we’ve also got a Miyota automatic movement taking the place of the quartz in the limited-edition watch. This one retails for $425 but the product page shows it at $340 at the moment.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the Bulova Pattern #106. That may sound like a weird name, but the dial design is actually pulling from a fabric pattern that Wright created. From a distance, it looks sort of like snakeskin, but a closer examination gives you more of a flower look and feel (or even a circuit board, for that matter). This slender quartz watch is just $220 and is the most affordable of the trio.

You may not have known you wanted or needed a Frank Lloyd Wright watch in your life, but now that you know they exist, well, you just may have changed your mind. While none of the three particularly make me stand up and rush to a store, they are interesting executions, and I think fans of the architect will appreciate these. You can check out these, and the rest of the Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, directly over at

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Last Update: August 10, 2020