What Watch 01Connected watches are being introduced all the time, and they are getting to look more like analog watches, with all sorts of available data display options.  Well, What Watch wants to take a different tack with their connected device.  The watch, is, well a watch.  A quartz three hander… with a little red button.  And the little red button is where the watch wants to differentiate itself.  Instead of activating a chronograph function, it set a time bookmark, allowing you to record the exact moment when “something” happened.  you decide what that something is.

What Watch 04Later on, you go into the companion app and define that something.  Add notes, images, whatever you feel is appropriate to memorialize that moment in time.  Maybe it is when you first saw that cute girl at the party.  Then a little while later when you got the courage to get her number.  Then a few days later when you have your first date…  I will stop here before I get into restraining order territory, but you get the idea.  You phone is not controlling the watch, the watch is controlling the phone (as it were, you can sync later).  The e-ink dial then displays how many moments per month you have recorded (up to 5) giving you a radar map of which were the monumental months in your year.

What Watch 05The watch comes in four variations running from $169 to $349, and all the variations (save the pocket watch above) come in various colors.  The watches range in size from 42mm for the Modern and Classic, to  43.5 for the Radar, and 55mm for the Pocket.  The modern case is thermoplastic, the Radar is plated steel and the Classic and Pocket are both stainless steel.  All the watches come with mineral glass crystals and two batteries, one for the Swiss quartz movement and the other for the connected features.

What Watch 03As just a watch, the designs are nice enough that I would be intrigued.  They are not extraordinary, but nice looking.  The Radar, above, is certainly the most distinctive looking with the big e-ink central display.  As someone not overly enamored with smart watches, this is an interesting concept.  I don’t know how much mileage I would get out of it, but it certainly is an idea that is worth considering.  Hit the red button, get on with your life, and pull out the cell phone later to record what the moment was all about.  And if you forget why you hit the button, I guess you can delete it since it must not have been all that memorable.  whatwatch.com

Watch Overview:

  • Brand & Model: What Watch
  • Price: $169 to $349
  • Who we think it might be for: You like to record the moment, but you would rather keep the phone in your pocket for later.
  • Would I wear one myself based on what I’ve seen?: I might.  I would have to think about how I would use it.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Maybe a little more variety in case sizes.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: I like the concept of a watch driving the connection, instead of the phone pushing data to your wrist.

Tech Specs from What?:

  • Movement: Swiss quartz (not specified)
  • Functions: Three hand, time stamp recording.
  • Case: Thermoplastic, stainless steel, or plated steel
  • Crystal: Mineral glass
  • Water resistance: Not specified
  • Lug width: 20 mm (classic) 21 mm (Radar)
  • Straps: Various
  • Diameter: 42 mm (Modern/Classic), 43.5 mm (Radar) or 55mm (Pocket)
  • Thickness: Not specified



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