Watch Video RewindWelcome to our regular Sunday feature, Watch Video Rewind, where we here at WWR highlight interesting videos we track down from across the web. This week, I thought I would put up a few interviews with the watchmakers, so we can see a little of the thinking that goes into how a brand makes or markets a watch.

The first interview comes with a nice companion article at Monochrome, and features Patrik Hoffmann of Ulysse Nardin. Until I looked at the video I had not seen the Grand Deck Tourbillon, but now I want one. Of course, I can’t afford it, so I will have to add it to my collection of unaffordable strange but amazing watch complications.

We have featured a few GOS watches on our site, and Watchuseek sat down with Patrick Sjorgren from the brand at Basel last year.  GOS uses Damascus steel, or at least their version of the process that was lost to history but then reinvented, in their watches, making for beautiful and unique watches.

Finally, late last year Ariel Adams of A Blog To Watch sat down with the CEO of A. Lange & Sohne to discuss how they make new watches yet still keep them “classic,” and also what makes these high end watches so special.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Watch Video Rewind.  If you stumble across any interesting watch (or time) related videos out there, drop us a line. If we end up using in the watch video rewind from your suggestion, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.


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