Welcome back to our weekly installment, Watching the Web, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were.  Today, we’ve got a review of a popular Orient model, and some focus on a Swiss dive watch you may not have heard of.  After those, we’ll highlight (as usual) some of our more popular posts from the last week. Read on to see what we’ve got in store for you.


First up, we’ve got a review of one of the most interesting Orient watches as of late, the Bambino.  Zach Weiss is actually taking a second look at this lineup, as he reviewed the original back when it came out a few years ago.  In his review, he gives you a rundown of what all has changed.  For me, I think the Bambino is a great starter mechanical for someone who’s not liking the looks of the Orange Monster or the Sistem51.  Check out the full review right here, and then enter for a chance to win it right here.


Now, let’s slide a little further up the pricing scale, and have some Swiss diver action.  Over at aBlogtoWatch, Ariel is taking a look at the new Titoni Seascoper.  While comparisons to the Tudor Black Bay are inevitable in this color combo, he outlines why the Titoni stands on it’s own (and is actually more comparable to Tissot).  You can check out the full article (including pricing) right here.


Now, let’s turn attention to our own pages.  First up, we’ve got one of my favorite brands coming up with a new iteration based off of a design from a few years ago.  With the new Magrette Dual Time, they’ve taken the dual-crown case of the Regattare 2011, shrunk it, and then turned it into a dual-time watch.  While it’s not a true GMT, of course, it’s a clever solution, and I rather like the looks of the smaller case.  Check out the full information (including pre-order details) right here.


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the local boys over at Smith & Bradley with their latest crowd-funded effort, the Ambush.  While not as wild as the survival watch they designed, I think this new ana-digi is much more practical.  With just a hair under a month to go, this watch is fully funded, so we’ll be seeing this one hitting the market for sure (and when that happens, we’ll be bringing you a hands-on review as well).

AVI-8-Flyboy-Automatic (10)

Don’t forget that we’re now in a new month, so we’ve started up a new giveaway. August marks my three-year anniversary with the site, so we’ve got a three-watch giveaway for you this time around. Head on over here to get your entries in.

With that, we’ll wrap this edition of Watching the Web up. As always, if there’s something you think we should be covering, feel free to drop us a line. If you bring something up that we end up writing about, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.

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