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Watching the Web for February 22, 2014



Welcome back to our weekly installment, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were.  In this edition, we’ll take a look at an affordable vintage diver, some wacky watch-related art, and then a few of our own articles from the recent past.


Over at Worn & Wound, they took a closer look at a vintage diver that I’ve not paid much attention to previously – the Zodiac Sea Wolf.  It’s an interesting (and rather compact) example of what you can find in the vintage market when you go looking for dive watches.  As they point out, finding ones in pristine condition can be difficult, as they were used for their intended purpose.  But, if you’re patient, you can find a nice one for a quite affordable amount.  If that’s of interest to you, check out their article.


Over at aBlogtoWatch, they wrote up something that’s rather intriguing – artwork that’s based around watches.  Dominic Wilcox starts with wrist and pocket watches, replaces the crystal with a high dome, all the better to have space to work his creations in.  While the watches become mostly non-functional (I’d have to assume), they are rather clever artistic pieces that can marry our hobby (watches, of course) along with something that can be a bit of a conversation piece.  Check out the article for more details (and a video).

Bremont-Solo (5)

Turning our eyes back to our own pages, we’ve got two articles from last year that were popular over the last week.  First up, we’ve got our writeup of the Bremont Solo, which features some classic good looks in a particularly interesting multi-piece case.  It also helps that it’s got a pretty sweet chronometer movement.  While not many folks could go down to a single watch, I suppose one named “Solo” is as good a candidate as any.


Finally, we’ve got our hands-on review of the Shinola Brakeman, which is a model from the Detroit brand that I’ve not seen featured anywhere else, which is a shame, really.  This is a nicely designed watch – one that, with it’s quartz movement, comes in at a fairly light weight, which makes for a comfortable piece.  If you’re considering picking up a Shinola, you’ll definitely want to give the Brakeman a look.

And that wraps things up for this week!  As always, if you feel there’s something that we should be covering (either in these wrapups, or as a full-blown article), feel free to drop me a note.

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