Welcome back to our weekly installment where we take a look at some popular items from across the web from the week, as well as from our own pages.  This week, we’re looking at articles that cover some news from SIHH (which concluded earlier in the week), and second look at a watch we ourselves reviewed, and then a handful of popular reviews from our own pages.


We couldn’t talk about the news of the week without discussing Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie  (aka SIHH), which just occurred earlier in the week.  With this show, we saw all manner of new releases on the higher-end of the spectrum (the brands appear in that image above), and there were a variety of rather interesting releases (depending on your own personal preferences, of course).  Rather than picking out some highlights, I’m just going to recommend aBlogtoWatch’s coverage, as they were there on the ground giving many hands-on looks.


Next up, we’ve got a familiar watch – the Prometheus Sailfish.  As you recall, we reviewed this particular watch last week.  Earlier this week, the folks over at Worn & Wound also reviewed the same watch.  I thought it might be of interest to someone who’s considering this particular watch to get another point of view, as well as see the watch in a different color scheme.  If that’s you, head on over here and check out their review.

wristlet 01

Turning back to our own pages, a recent Kickstarter project we featured seemed to grab your interest.  We wrote about this wristlet project, which is bringing back an intriguing design that comes from the era of when pocket watches were making the transition to our wrists, and the guys in the military needed something robust to stand up to what they would put the watches through.  With just about a month to go in the project, they’re quite close to hitting their funding, so this is a watch that should be seeing the light of day.


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a review from late last year on the Shinola Brakeman that’s grabbed your attention – and it’s not surprising.  Shinola as a brand has enjoyed a great bit of attention over the last year, due to their interesting designs and the compelling story of their rise from Detroit.  The Brakeman itself is a watch that I’ve not seen any other site review as of yet, and I think I do prefer it to their more popular models.  And, given the traffic on the article, I think you may as well.

And, with that, we’ll bring this week’s installment to a close.  As always, if there’s something you think we should cover in these wrapups, feel free to drop me a line.



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  1. Todd – the movement was fine for the amount of time we spent with it, and should be as reliable as any other you’d pick up on the market.

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