Welcome back to our weekly installment, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were. Today, we’ve got an interview with The FakeWatchBuster, and a way to give your favorite watch some smarts. After those, we’ll highlight (as usual) some of our more popular posts from the last week. Read on to see what we’ve got in store for you.


When it comes to social media, Instagram is a great way to get some bite-size chunks of horological goodness (or whatever other goodies you’re looking for – there’s a wide variety of accounts). One of the the more interesting things to be done with the platform comes courtesy of FakeWatchBuster (also on Tumblr), who does just what he says – he busts on people for having fake watches that they promote as being the real deal. Now, I’m all for the guy who’s buying a homage as an affordable route – so long as they don’t pass it off as real. If you’d like to read some more on how this account got started, and how he does what he does, check out the interview over at Hodinkee. And, then when you’re done with that, feel free to check out the Instagram accounts of John, Matt, ABTW, and myself.


When it comes to smart watches, two things become evident pretty quickly – they don’t have the classic style we’ve become accustomed to with our mechanical watches, and they’re really just wrist-mounted notifiers for what our phone happens to be doing (or at least, that’s what they are today). That seems to be the genesis of the idea behind the Modillian Smart Buckle. The tldr; of the thing is that they’ve created a bluetooth-enabled buckle that you can swap onto whatever watch you want. Then, using a smartphone app to configure the thing, you can have your watch (well, the buckle) notify you of what’s going on via differentiated vibration patterns. If you want more details on the watch, check out the article over at aBlogtoWatch.

Christopher Ward C5 Slimline 01

And now, let’s come back to our own pages.  First up, we’ve got a new line coming in from one of our favorite affordable brands, Christopher Ward.  Their C5 lineup has been around awhile, but they’ve now created a slimline variant, with heights coming in at under 9mm, which is just plain crazy for an automatic mechanical.  At $550, this is sure to be a solid three-hander dress watch, and I can only imagine it’ll live up to the standards CW have set with previous models.  Check out what Matt had to say right here.


Next up, we’ve got a pretty popular review from the week, that of the Torgoen T5 GMT.  There’s a lot to like here – solid build and an extremely readable layout, with the addition of my personal favorite complication, a GMT hand. It also had one of the best deployant clasps I’ve seen in some time, especially for a watch that’s coming in at only $238.  If you’re intrigued, head on over here and check out the full hands-on review.

With that, we’ll wrap things up. As always, if there’s something you think we should be covering, feel free to drop us a line (mailto:tips@wristwatchreview.com). If you bring something up that we end up writing about, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.

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