Welcome back to our weekly installment, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week, as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week were. Read on for an antique Presidential pocket watch that just hit the market, among other interesting pieces.


Over at LuxuryBranded, I caught wind of one very interesting Presidential watch that has just come on the market – the pocket watch of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This watch was created in the early 1900s by Audemars Freres, and carries some very concrete ties to FDR. The first of those, of course, would be the fact that his initials are on the case; it also still has a picture of his wife, Eleanor, tucked away within. If you’d like to put your bid in (yes, it’s on eBay with a price of just under $1.5 million), you can check out the auction here. If you’d like more overview on the watch, or perhaps more background on the Audemars Freres brand, head on over to the source.


Next, we’ll stay with the historical side of horology, courtesy of an article from Gear Patrol that digs into the JLC Reverso, arguably one of the most popular models of all time.   Starting from some humble beginnings on the polo field, and surviving through a period in the 70s where they weren’t being made, the Reverso today is what many consider to be an icon of art deco styling.  If you want to learn a good bit more about the history of the watch, head on over to the source.

Bathys-Lunar-Midsize (4)

Turning the focus to our own pages, you lot really liked the reviews we had coming out.  The most popular of the week was Hawaii’s own Bathys, and their Lunar Midsize.  Presenting a style that’s uniquely identifiable as theirs, in a package that works well for either sex, it’s not a surprise that this watch would be a hit.  If you’re curious as to whether or not a 38mm watch would work for you (or your significant other), head on over to the review.

Zanis-Nuvati (9)

Flipping over to the other end of the size spectrum, we had our review of the Zanis Nuvati.  If it weren’t for one spectacular detail, this large, quartz-driven three-hander may not have made it onto these pages.  But then you learn that you’ve got floating diamonds simulating a star field, and three literal pieces of outerspace (lunar, Martian, and space gem) embedded into the watch, and you realize you’ve got something special.  If you want to be able to carry outer space on your wrist, this is a watch you need to check out.


I will give a bonus mention here, as we had another article (on a Kickstarter project) that actually came in very close to making the cut.  And, frankly, I still really dig the case of the No. 1905 watch, and like seeing the picture up on the page – so there you go.  If you dig the style as well, you can see what else I had to say about it right here.

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