And Watching the Web is back (it took a little vacation right along with me). Today, we”ve got an interesting cross section of articles for some good reading for your weekend.


First up, we have an article over at Worn & Wound that is an excellent primer on two types of leather coming out of Chicago”s (my hometown) Horween Tannery – Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan. They dive into the tanning processes, and you come away with a good understanding of the differences between the two leathers – as well as why you might want one over another for your watch strap (or a pair of shoes). As an added nicety, they cover a variety of strap options at the end as well. source


Next, we”ve got this article over at aBlogtoWatch that covers the MB&F Legacy Machine 2, that”s a full hands-on review. This is a beautiful watch, and you know when Ariel entitles the thing “Playmate of the Year”, you”re in for a colorful review. 


Now, back to our own pages. Over the last week, you really enjoyed taking a look at IWC”s new “digital” Spitfire, and I totally understand it – it”s a stunning watch, and the date and month displays (the digital part of the equation) are really unique and intriguing. source


Casting our eyes a bit further back (since this feature took some time off), one of the perennial favorite articles on the blog (the readers” favorites, that is) is John”s review of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced. Again this isn”t surprising, as this is one of those watches that everyone knows about, and likely would like to own. source

Oh, and should you want to buy that Speedmaster Reduced? Head on over here for the details.


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