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Watching the Web for October 11


webWelcome back to our weekly installment, Watching the Web, where we have a quick look at some interesting watches and articles that have popped up over the last week (or so), as well as taking a second look at what some of our more popular articles this week. Today, I will point you toward an open letter from Ariel at ABTW to the watch industry, and a review of a very cool bullhead pilot’s watch.

Calibre-Origins-ChrWard While it is not a watch review, Ariel at A Blog to Watch posted an open letter to the watch industry asking for some clarity on what is, and what is not, an “in-house movement.”  While I don’t expect the watch industry to change because of this article, I do think it is worthwhile read for collectors so we can start thinking about the issues.

HAMILTON_TAKE-OFF_MODULE2Over at Worn & Wound, they posted a detailed review of the Hamilton Khaki Takeoff, a limited edition watch that debuted at Basal earlier this year.  The watch has a bold, but readable design and features a bullhead crown and pushers for a stopwatch feel.  Taking that design a step further, the lugs are attached to a backplate that separates from the watch.

Omega-Speedmaster-Pre-Moon-321-CK2998-5Now, on to highlight a pair of our most popular articles of the last week.  Last week’s historical horology took a look at the Omega Speedmaster, one of the iconic lines from the brand.  While I am partial to the Seamaster, this watch was the first wrist watch to go to the moon, and that, in and of itself, is pretty cool.

Molarity-Watch-Group-Deep-Diver (7)Patrick’s hands-on review of the Molarity Watch Group Deep Diver generated quite a lot of page views, edging out my review of the Rossling & Co. Automatic.  Patrick found that the new watch from MWG, though a little too large for him personally, was a nice step forward for the brand and a watch worth considering in the ~$500 range of automatic divers.

P1030180And last, but not least, a question: do you have your entries in for our current giveaway? It’s almost mid October, so you have a few more weeks to enter our monthly contest. Head on over here to get your entries in.

With that, we’ll wrap things up. As always, if there’s something you think we should be covering, feel free to drop us a line. If you bring something up that we end up writing about, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.

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