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Welcome to our fourth installment of Watching the Web for 2015, where we here at WWR point out watch related articles across the interwebs that we find interesting, as well as highlighting a couple of our more popular posts over the last week.  Looking at other sites, we have news of a smart watch in the works from a luxury Swiss brand, and we have an overview of some new Hamilton watches that will be coming our way.  Looking back at our own pages, we have a two-fer from Matt, with articles on the latest from Cobra de Calibre, and the latest renditions of the Christopher Ward Trident.


First up, we have one of the biggest names in the watch industry – Jean-Claude Biver – throwing down the gauntlet on smart watches.  In short, Tag Heuer is about to get into the (now crowded) arena, possibly dropping the “Swiss Made” labeling (due to the strict requirements around that) for this new watch.  Time will tell how it will stand up in the field, but it is interesting to have a big Swiss brand like this creating a device.  You can read more over at Bloomberg.



Over at Worn & Wound, I caught wind of something I did not even know was an annual thing – a preview of the 2015 Hamilton lineup over in New York.  As Zack mentions, it’s a very interesting counter-point to the very high-end stuff that has been coming out of SIHH this week (you can see more about that here).  The Takeoff Automatic looks like a clear winner, and I cannot help but to be intrigued by the Ventura Automatic, as that triangular shape is just plain wild.  Check out the writeup, and more photos, right here.

Cobra de Calibre Chronograph 04

Now, back to our own pages.  First up, we have Matt’s writeup on the latest offering from Cobra de Calibre.  It looks like a sharp watch, and Matt praised it for the lack of a date window to mar the symmetry.  He is tempted by the purchase, but I think the caseback may have something to do with that (check out the article for details on that).

Christopher Ward Trident COSC 01

Next up, Matt walked us through the latest offerings in the Christopher Ward C60 Trident lineup.  I have been a big fan of CW, and specifically of their Trident, which I reviewed here.  While prices have risen since that initial review, there is no denying that they are offering a lot of design for the money.  And, if the budget is a concern, they now have a quartz movement in the mix helping to keep things more affordable.


As always, we close with a reminder for our monthly giveaway.  This month, we are offering the Areion White Chronograph (reviewed here).  So if you have not entered the drawing yet, head over to the contest page.

With that, I will wrap things up. As always, if there’s something you think we should be covering, feel free to drop us a line. If you bring something up that we end up writing about, we’ll be sure to tip our hats (electronically, if not literally) in your general direction.

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