Your first “real” watch. Goes with everything in your emerging wardrobe. Looks smart enough to wear to job interviews, casual enough on the weekends, stylish enough for dates. Supports a visionary crowfunding campaign and promotes small business. This is the Mileneal Watch.

Mileneal is a new company currently funding its first watch on Kickstarter. They aim squarely at younger Millennials going out into the world for the first time, and aim to deliver a fun, versatile, accessible watch.

Young working adults who have just entered the working world has every right to look good, and a decent timepiece is imperative to complete the whole deal.

First Impressions

Wow, this box is small – which is great! The watch comes in a simple black box, with sliding outer sleeve and two halved box. The watch is nestled in form-cut foam, and comes with its own little lens cleaning cloth. It’s small and simple – and perfect.

On first glance, the first thing that jumps out is that domed crystal – it really really lends a sense of quality and style to the watch. The dial remains perfectly legible, but the rounded corners of the crystal obscure the crystal/case interface on the edges.

The band on this thing is nice and thick – it feels stiff at first, but I’m sure after wearing it a bit, it will soften right up. It’s not as substantial as the MeisterSinger band, but it’s still a nice feeling. The black coating on the case is matte and looks nice – a good compliment to the shiny looks of the crystal and face.

That day-window – small!

Fit and Finish

The dial seems well printed, with registration spot on. It ships with protective film over the front and back, and a plastic spacer in the crown to preserve the battery. All items came off cleanly, and the watch looks actually very well made.

Given it’s medium size, it has an OK weight. The thick band take a lot of the weighty feeling away on the wrist, but the entire package seems

The buckle matches the case finish, and is stamped with the Mileneal logo.

Standout Features

The domed mineral crystal is certainly the most enticing feature here – if it weren’t for that, this piece would seem somewhat pedestrian. But that crystal gives in many added dimensions.

On The Wrist

ON the wrist, it’s smallish, easy to wear, and versatile – easy to wear with just about any outfit. The thick leather band seems stiff at first, but after a few wears it softens up. Hands are thin but legible. After reviewing VERK‘s offering with no second hand, I kinda like that 2-hand arrangement – I think that would have worked well here.

Who It’s For

First job. Going out into the world. Watch for everything. Understated style and cool. No nonsense utility. Solid value. Quartz accuracy. This is the one.

Looking for a conversation piece? To impress your date? To assert yourself as the alphadog? This is not the one.


  • Case Material: Surgical Grade 316L stainless steel
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Band Material: Genuine Leather
  • Clasp Material: 316L Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Dial Window Material: Sapphire Coated Double Radian Domed Glass
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: MIYOTA GM10


By Jeffrey Donenfeld

Wrist Watch Review Writer Jeffrey Donenfeld lives in Colorado and reviews products at his website. An accomplished adventure traveler, antarctic expedition director, and rescue scuba diver, Jeffrey has tested and reviewed watches in a multitude of challenging environments. Jeffrey loves exploring design, construction, materials, and utility aspects of horology, and gets a kick out of both classics as well as fresh new ideas. He typically tests extensively watches he writes about, and provides readers with a real-world, practical take on diverse timepieces. In addition to writing about time, Jeffrey also works as a venture capital investment manager at a growing startup accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. In his free time he travels (70+ countries and counting), snowboards, rock climbs, runs, sails, scuba dives, and occasionally relaxes.

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