My imagination sometimes get the better of me and I can easily while away hours daydreaming. Today, my thoughts turned to those eight meat processing workers who split at $365 million powerball jackpot recently. From there, I jumped to the Mega Millions lottery, which today, stands at $42 million for the next drawing on Tuesday. From there, amid images of rolling around in cash, naturally my thoughts went to watches.

If you suddenly came into millions of dollars, what would be the first watch you would purchase? The lotto check has just cleared and you’re ready to spend. Tell me, what would be your first choice?

I think I would go with something a little odd, a little unusual. Something that I wouldn’t normally buy. For example, it’s conceivable that some day I’ll save up enough tips from my job as a Chippendale dancer and I’ll buy a Rolex or a Panerai. And although I would certainly purchase those timepieces with my lottery earnings, I still think my very first puchase would be something different. I’m leaning towards the Graham Chronofighter. Unusual, off-beat, yet still timeless and classy. I’m sure I could come up with tons more alternatives, and certainly more expensive ones, but that’s the first off the top of my head.

Let’s hear your lotto dreams… what’s the first watch you would buy with your winnings?


6 thoughts on “What is the First Watch You Would Buy?”
  1. Hublot Big-Bang,

    A high-priced sports watch that I currently could not afford to wear to my soccer games.

    Following that would of course be a Rolex as well… White gold and Platinum of course!

  2. Ulysse Nardin GMT Limited Ed. — that watch is fantastic and I’d need it to keep track of time as I flew to Lake Como to relax after recieving my winnings.

  3. I would probably just buy a Omega Railmaster and spend the rest of my money on my new life in Fiji…

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