Generally, if you see a watch name start with the letter ‘i’, and it ends in “pod”, you’re thinking that it’s yet another iPod nano watch hitting the market.  Thankfully for us, this one starts with a capital ‘I’, so it definitely didn’t come from Cupertino (or another brand trying to cash in on that moniker).

You may or may not have heard of the Ikepod brand, but you’ve probably seen their pieces if you spend any time on the watch forums.  Frankly, they’re just really great looking watches; my favorite of the bunch is the Horizon HHTK line (specifically the 03 model).

Now why would I be so drawn to a two-hander?  Just look at those pictures, and you’ll have an answer.  Most strikingly, you’ve got the double-sized hands mixing things up on the dial some.  Might take a little getting used to reading properly, but it doesn’t seem overly complicated.

Next up is the dial design.  I like that you’ve got the circular (and raised) petals denoting the hour marks – it reminds the eye of the case shape, and it’s just plain different than anything else you see on the market.

Now, the ETA 2892 isn’t unexpected, but it’s a known quantity for reliability and maintenance.  The 44mm case housing it is DLC-coated titanium, so it should be light on the wrist.  Finally, with the rubber strap, sapphire crystal and 50m water resistance rating, this is a watch that won’t melt if some water lands on it.


Of course, if you get this watch, it’s not just that it’s light on your wrist – your bank account is going to be a lot lighter as well (to the tune of $11,000, at current conversion rates).  A beautiful watch, for sure – but not one many of us are likely to be picking up.

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