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When it comes to luxury watches, Ebay says “I guarantee it”


When it comes to the world of pre-owned watches, the advice is often to buy the seller, not the watch. In other words, know what you’re looking for, and then get yourself to a place where you can trust the seller.  This is great if you can find a local source, such as via your local get-together watch group.  If that’s not a source, you may end up heading to eBay to find your next watch.  If you’re hunting for a luxury watch, their just-announced program will be of interest to you.

In essence, it’s an expansion of what they did for luxury handbags:

Today, eBay announces the expansion of eBay AuthenticateTM into the luxury watch category, offering consumers thousands of high-end watches, verified by professional authenticators. eBay’s Authenticate program, which launched in the luxury handbags category last year, includes watches and handbags from the most sought-after brands marked with an “Authenticity Verified”label. The service also expanded this month into several European markets, including the United Kingdom and Germany.

If you want to go to find a new luxury watch (with eBay saying prices will range from $500 – $50,000), just head on to their watch-specific site (eBay.com/authentic/watches) and get your shop on.  And hey, if you pick up that grail, send us some photos, won’t you?  eBay.com

eBay By the Numbers

  • eBay has 175 million active buyers worldwide
  • A watch is purchased every 5 seconds on eBay in the US
  • 80% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new, and our wide selection keeps growing
  • 89% of items sold on eBay are Buy It Now – no bidding necessary
  • 71% of items ship for free


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