When last we looked at a watch from Zomo, we saw a watch that brought you upscale design (one may say a homage) at a rather affordable prices.  Today’s watch is rather affordable as well, and has some design references that I can’t quite put my finger on.  So, the question remains – will you be affectionate towards the Zomo Adore?  Read on and decide for yourself.

By and large, I feel pretty comfortable calling the Zomo Adore a tank-style watch, based on the case shape.  That said, this is definitely a more rounded rectangle, both on the sides and top of the case (the caseback itself is flat).  That case shape, along with the overall styling (black dial, polished center section on the bracelet and case) makes things feel quite like a dress watch style, albeit in an all-steel look.

The most interesting element of the Zomo Adore, to me, is the dial itself.  Here, the outer edges hide a bit of layering.  While it may look like a series of stacked lines (if this was a circle, we’d call them concentric), it’s actually a series of steps from the indices and chapter “ring” down to the main level of the dial itself.  I like seeing details like this on dials, particularly on affordables, as it brings an extra bit of “oomph” to the design.

With the bracelet on the Zomo Adore, this is one that’s easy to adjust (simple friction pins) and get sized.  No half links to be found here, but there are smaller adjustments available in the simple butterfly clasp.  For myself, I normally have to take out three links in most bracelets (7.25″ wrist), but this time around it was just three links out. If I was in a tinkering mood, I’d probably put a link back in and fine tune things with the clasp adjustment.  Any which way, simple enough to get a decent fit, and the bracelet itself (solid links) only has a small bit of jangle noise to it.

Wearing the Zomo Adore is relatively comfortable affair, even with the flat caseback (shame the curve on top couldn’t be carried to the back.  Here, though, it’s not super critical, as the lug-to-lug is just 47.50mm, which gives things a fairly compact take for a case of this shape.  And that’s good, as the Zomo Adore seems to be aimed at people who would want a watch for dressier occasions (perhaps not as an everyday watch) for now and again usage. And really, with pricing coming in at $179 (list is $219, but the Zomo site lists the discounted price), this is a solid watch that would serve well for the occasional dress watch duty.  And with the quartz movement, it would live happily in a drawer between wears, ready to go.

So, yes, if you’re just starting out your watch collecting journey, I think the Zomo Adore is one you would have some affection for, as it gets you an affordable dress watch that presents a look that punches well above it’s sub-$200 price tag.  And, if you were so-inclined, there’s also a smaller variant available that would allow you to setup a his-and-hers situation.  You can check those out at there site, or over at Amazon.  Let us know what you think! zomowatches.com

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Zomo Adore
  • Price: $171
  • Who’s it for? Whatever your reasoning, you want an affordable quartz-driven dress watch
  • Would I wear it? Not with my current rotation
  • What I’d change: Curving the caseback would be great, as would be a color-matched date wheel.
  • The best thing about it:  Styling that punches well above it’s price tag

Tech Specs from Zomo

  • Movement : Swiss quartz
  • Case Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Case size : 47.50 mm*36.00 mm*9.6 mm
  • Water Resistant: 3ATM
  • Straps: 316L stainless steel
  • Straps Width: 22mm
  • Straps Length: 115mm
  • Dial: Black
  • Glass: Mineral glass
  • Package: Box

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By Patrick Kansa

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