It should be no surprise to anyone that when Hamilton reached out with a new GMT watch for a review, it took me all of about 3 seconds to say yes.  Now, that said, this is a much different GMT than I’m used to wearing.  So, let’s get into what we’ve got going on with the Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition.

Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition Wrist Watch – Size

Right off the bat, you know you’ve got something different when you first handle the Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition.  With a stainless steel case coming in at 46mm, you’ve got a good bit of heft (204g as sized for my wrist), not to mention a good deal of wrist presence.  Simply put, this is a big sport watch.  Which, for a GMT / world time watch, that is something we’re not used to seeing.  Yes, there is a history of sport-cased watches giving GMT tracking.  But when you get a world time scale in the mix, those tend to be a bit more compact.


Nevertheless, the Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition has a world time bezel, in ceramic, fixed around the sapphire crystal covering the dial.  In conjunction with the GMT hand (and it’s 24-hour scale printed on the chapter ring), you can do some quick math to figure out the time anywhere in the world.  Should you be jetting around the world, you want a watch that can stand up to whatever you may encounter.  The large steel case will of course protect the H41 automatic movement therein, and also gives a modest 50m WR.  Sure, you won’t be diving, but you can swim with it if you like.


With the dial of the Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition, you have another sort of interesting design cue entering the mix.  There is the mostly grooved portion, yes, but then you have the large central, smooth, stripe that calls to mind a rallye stripe on a car, which puts me in mind of some sort of automotive watch.  That said, I do like the variation in texture and depth levels on the dial.  Add in the applied, polished (and lumed) indices, and you’ve got a lot of layers that can catch the light.  The crystal has an AR coating on it, and when the light catches the angles of the hands and the indices, you’ve got no problem telling what time it is.

GMT Hand

The GMT hand of the Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition is in red, so it’s easy enough to pick out.  It’s worth noting here how the H41 movement handles setting the main and GMT time.  Often, we’re used to the main time being set as on any other watch, and then the GMT hand is set in 1-hour clicks.  Here, we have what many consider to be the truer implementation.  The GMT hand is locked in with the main time setting, while the hour hand moves in the 1-hour increments.  While this is different than many are used to, it makes sense for someone who’s traveling.  You can keep the GMT time set to home (or whatever time zone you’re tracking) and quick adjust the hour hand to match where it is you’ve just landed.

The Fit

As you might expect, wearing a bigger watch like the Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition takes some getting used to.  For a bigger, heavier watch, fit is the key.  Once I had the bracelet adjusted, it kept quite snug on my wrist.  I also rather liked the clasp on the bracelet, which was much different than the fold-over clasp type that you might otherwise expect.  There’s also a great bit of finishing hiding in the bracelet, where the beveled edges of the center links are polished.  Again, that little pop of brightness picks up other beveled edges, and gives the traveler some subtle flash.


At the end of the day, the $1,545 Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition seemed like a mixed bag of design elements.  It’s a world time / GMT watch, but the dial evokes some automotive feelings, and the overall case and presentation brings to mind an oversized dive watch, but we’ve only got a 50m WR rating.  So, as I say, it’s a mixture of things going on here.  For me, it just didn’t click, but I will also admit that my days of overly large watches seem to be behind me, so that may have prejudiced my take on the watch a bit.  For those who may be in to the design, I don’t fault you for it – this has some unique elements to it, and it will certainly get the job done, giving you a watch with impressive presence while you jaunt about the world.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Hamilton Broadway GMT Limited Edition
  • Price: $1,545
  • Who’s it for? You travel the world (or like to think about doing that) and you want a watch with plenty of presence
  • Would I wear it? No, this isn’t the one for me – it’s simply too large for my tastes
  • What I’d change: If this could get dropped down to 40 or 42mm, then we’d have something even more interesting
  • The best thing about it: The “true” GMT hand adjustment implemented in the movement
Tech Specs from Hamilton
  • Movement:  H41 automatic; 80-hour power reserve
  • Case:  46mm, stainless steel; 13.15mm thick
  • Lugs:  22mm
  • WR:  50m

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