Today, friend of WWR is bringing us word of two very different projects on Kickstarter – a wooden variety that brings a Miyota automatic movement to the table, as well as a true “art piece”. 

The first is yet another wooden watch (that makes 3 from when I started following the site), the Slab.  What really sets this watch apart from the previous two on the site is that the Slab features a Miyota 8215 automatic movement with a textured face, all for the low price of $165 for early backers.  They have two styles, and I think the one out of skatedeck plywood is the more attractive. 

I expect they use the plywood blanks, but it would be interesting if they re-purposed used decks, which might really appeal to the skaters out there.   The company behind the project, Slim Timber, has experience making non-traditional wooden products, with a line of wooden wallets.  With this background, I would expect that the manufacturing and delivery process may go a bit smoother than some ambitious Kickstarter projects.

The Slab features the Miyota 8215 automatic movement, which is non-hacking and has about a 40 hour power reserve.  The textured face is another nice detail that I really don’t see a lot of in entry level watches.  The wood used here, pressure treated maple, has a claimed water resistance of 5 ATM, which makes it OK for swimming, but not scuba.

Personally, I would probably restrict it to not worrying about when washing my hands, but I would keep it out of the water beyond that.  From the look of the prototypes on the site, there is enough imperfection to the manufacturing process to give it some personality, but not so much that it is going to look sloppy and cheap.  With the price and selection of movement, I think it is definitely worth a flyer if you like the styling.

Wrist Shot on a male hand. Black PVD case, British Tan strap, Commissioned dial by Ellie Newell.

The next project is for a commissioned, hand painted watch face with a quartz movement under the hood.  The Schmutz (which is Yiddish for dirt, an odd choice for a name) starts at $180 for a hand painted face ($145 if you just want the basic watch) with your choice of color for the strap.  At 47mm, this is a large watch.  The curved case back will probably add to the wear-ability of the piece,  but this is not for those that want to keep a low profile.  With the custom painted watch, you also get a print of the design.

The technical specs on the watch are a little thin, instead focusing on the artistic elements, which is really the focus of the project anyway.  The movements are a generic sounding “custom Swiss quartz” (what makes them custom, and why go to the expense unless you are doing something interesting with them?), with a claimed 30 meter water resistance, but I would not push it.  The straps look to be nicely done and a bit rustic, with deployment clasps.If you want to really go the art lover route, there is a limited edition of 10 pieces for $500 each for a custom bit of pop art for your wrist.

Natural hand made strap, brushed SS case, commissioned dial by Erin Berrett

By Patrick Kansa

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