So here’s what’s up: I don’t know if WWR can last through 2016. I’ve been paying my guys out of pocket and managing the servers for about 5 years now and it’s nearing the end of feasibility for me. But things don’t have to end that way.

We have had some donations including an incredible $500 donation from a dedicated reader but it’s not enough. All it would take is for 500 of you – and I know there are more than 500 to donate $1 a month. $12 a year. That’s it.

If we can’t do this I’ll shut the site down this May.

Why am I bothering you this way?

I don’t want to be in the pockets of big watchmaking. Heck, big watchmaking is about to go down the tubes. Big advertisers like Swatch Group and LVMH don’t care about us and I saw firsthand all the trouble Ariel went through just to get them to notice him. To be clear he made ABlogToWatch his job. WWR is a labor of love.

Please visit our Patreon page to help out. It means a lot and I don’t want to have to shut this down. If we can hit $500 a month we can pay all of our costs – that’s right, we are that lean. I’ll send a signed copy of my book to folks who pledge $9.99 or more and I’ll give you a hug if I meet you in person. Sound good? Good.


  1. Message heard loud and clear.

    I’m new to watches and even newer to your site.

    Going through my grandfathers things, I discovered an old quartz analog/digital Seiko chronograph which I remember playing with as a kid. Not being someone to go into things half-assed, I simultaneously got the watch repaired and dove headfirst into the Internet watch community.

    My first and most enjoyable stop was the HourTime podcast. I’m a truck driver and it’s far easier for me to listen to you on my radio than to read blogs. Having said that, your “watches for the people” sensibility led me to your site. Your love for the orange monster led me to browse their lines of watches.

    It turns out I’m not a fan of divers but am now the owner of two thoroughly enjoyable automatics from their 5 series (and one amazingly ugly authentic vintage counterfeit frankenseiko). All this for less than I would have probably paid for one automatic Swiss piece.

    This alone is reason enough for me to support your patreon. I would hate to lose a major source of direction in this new hobby for lack of a fraction of what your crotchety advice has already saved me.

    Thanks for everything!!

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