We’ve seen all sorts of branded products coming from various watch sites over the last year or so (no, nothing in the works here at WWR that I know of); and while Worn & Wound have had other items in their shop, this one really made me take notice.

You might be thinking, so what, it’s another tool roll.  And yeah, it is.  What I really like about it has to do with the lining.  It’s made of ultrasuede, which means that when the roll is unfolded, you’ve got a decently sized work area to change out straps on a watch without having to worry about scratching up the case or crystal of the watch in question.

And that’s another nice detail on this watch – they added a smaller pocket to fit in a spring bar tool.  This is in addition to the four slots they’ve got in place for holding watches or any number of straps.

So, who is this for?  I think you’ve got two targets here.  First off, is someone who wants a dead simple way to travel with some watches and a few straps to be able to swap things out on the go (say, month long road trip?)  Second (and this is where I’d fall), is the person who has their watches in a storage case, but needs a good way to organize all the various spare straps into a single spot.

Sure, at $125 (here), it’s not an impulse by.  If the construction of the canvas, leather and ultrasuede is as sturdy as the pictures make it seem, though, this could be a nice add for any watch collector – or a good gift for the “watch guy” you know.

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