It’s been a while since we’ve been able to run a giveaway for you, but now we’ve got a few lining up for you all. The one we’ve got this month is courtesy of some new friends from up in Canada. That is, you’ve got a chance to win a Whitby Intrepid X Chronograph.

Right off the bat, we’ll say this – be on the lookout for a full review, as we’ve got a loaner on the way in to give you the full rundown of the Whitby Intrepid X Chronograph. Still, for you chronograph lovers in the crowd, telling you that it’s got a 7750 movement inside should be enough to get those salivary glands going, no?

While there are two options of the Whitby Intrepid X Chronograph available, we’re giving away the stainless steel version with the ceramic bezel (full specs list is down below). So, how is it that you can enter the giveaway? We’ve got two simple steps:

  1. Comment below and let us know what your favorite Canadian watch is
  2. Head on over to our giveaway widget and complete your entry

That’s it, it’s just that simple. Just a quick reminder, this is limited to North American readers (just to control shipping costs). Good luck to you, and our thanks to Whitby for making this giveaway a reality!

Tech Specs from Whitby

  • MOVEMENT : Swiss Automatic (self-winding) ETA/Valjoux 7750 Chronograph| 25 jewels | Frequency 28,800 A/h (4 Hz), 44 hours power reserve, Day/Date Display
  • CASE : 44mm Case Diameter with brushed 316L Stainless Steel or SS PVD coated Black finish; 22mm Lug Width; 50mm Lug to Lug; 15mm thickness
  • BEZEL : Ceramic Unidirectional Dive Bezel (Matt Black with Lume Marker)
  • HANDS : 12 Hour Chronograph Hand at 6:00, 30 Minute Chronograph Hand at 12:00, Central 60 Second Chronograph Hand, Central Hour Hand, Central Minute Hand,  Day/Date Window at 3:00, Perpetual Seconds Hand at 9:00
  • CRYSTAL : Sapphire Crystal with Anti-reflective Coating
  • CASEBACK : Steel with Engraved Compass Rose & Numbered
  • LUME FEATURES : C3 Super-LumiNova
  • WATER RESISTANCE : “10 Bar (100 metres)”
  • BRACELET : 316 Stainless Steel with finish to match case | H-link style | Milled Clasp

ByPatrick Kansa

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127 thoughts on “WWR March 2022 Giveaway: Whitby Intrepid X Chronograph”
  1. Depends on what counts as sufficiently “Canadian”, but I’m picking the Halios Fairwind (assembled elsewhere, but final testing done in Vancouver).

  2. Have always loved Whitby Watch Co, speaks to me as a Canadian. The movement is a work horse tried and true, their colors and design are fantastic.

  3. uh… I don’t really know any other watch brands from Canada without looking. So I guess that makes Whitby my favorite watch brand from Canada… This is a nice watch though, good job!

  4. uh… I don’t really know any other watch brands from Canada without looking. So I guess that makes Whitby my favorite watch brand from Canada… This is a nice watch though, good job!

  5. I LOVE my Marathon GPM! I have the hand wound blasted steel version. Every time I think I’ll sell it, I look at it and end up wearing it awhile. No selling of that watch, fam.

  6. I like the Whitby Intrepid X Chronograph because it looks so well made and very classy. A great way to start the year off right!

  7. I always liked the look and specs of the Whitby Intrepid. Just couldn’t afford one.

  8. Proud to see a Canadian watch enter the Top End Watch space… Beautiful Design, Excellent Movement.

  9. There are two. First, I like Vanbanner. This brand does not take itself too seriously and makes a great watch. Second would be Whitby. I like the dial layouts of their offerings and I like the brand because it reminds me of a sailboat my grandfather used to have. A 42′ Whitby.

  10. Best Canadian watch I’ve ever owned is my intrepid blue from Whitby Watch Co. Great customer support when I had an issue.

  11. The Intrepid X Chronograph from Whitby Watch Co. is my favorite Canadian watch. The glow in the dark face by way of C3 Super-LumiNova is a unique feature that many other brands do not parallel; really a precious timepiece.

  12. As a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces – Air Force this watch really appeals to me. I also grew up near Camp X which is the inspiration for this watch. Double tap. I would be thrilled to wear this watch with pride in the quality and design. I really hope I win this awesome watch!

  13. I’m more familiar with Marathon and Novo, and I’ve heard of Whitby, but was less aware of their brand.. I can now see ,that due to the materials , components and design,, that Whitby should have the distinction of being in the same breath as Swiss made timepieces because of this Intrepid X Chronograph.. I will say that incorporating a beloved movement such as this ETA Valjoux 7750 clearly shows the mindset of a luxury brand.!

  14. The only other Canadian watch manufacturer I know is Marathon but their styles are too rough and gruff for my taste, so I guess Whitby would easily eclipse them.

  15. As far as Canada watch companies go, it is pretty hard to beat Marathon.
    I grew top with the book “A man called Intrepid” by William Stevenson about the person this watch is named after. I think Whitby Watch Co making explicit connections to the OSS is pretty cool.

  16. Must confess I am not familiar with Canadian watch brands. So I will say Whitby Watch Co is my favourite brand. Thank you.

  17. I’m only sure of one Canadian watch, and unsurprisingly that’s Whitby!! Not bad at all as a representative of Canada

  18. Quite like the Marathon GPM, but I’m new to Whitby Watch Co. Will need to give them a closer look!

  19. I’ve never before noticed whether a watch was made in Canada even though I know I have at least one Canadian microbrand, so Whitby is the name that pops up now.

  20. Love my Whitby watch! I have the the titanium avro arrow tribute and it’s amazing! Great tribute to a piece of canadian history.

  21. I would say the Ambassador GMT with the clean dial and easy reading at a glance is up there for a favorite. Great job on this chrono with a true mechanical workhorse with a long history.

  22. Whitby Watch company, I am an owner of a couple of WWC watches. Absolutely love them.

  23. As a proud Canadian and Whitby resident, I own an Intrepid and love the movement and style. Favourite watch. The blue dial is a show stopper and gets comments every time I wear it. The local ties make this a proud watch to wear.

  24. Whitby is my favourite brand since they started. I own every watch of their catalog. The intrepid X gets me more compliments than my Omega or Tag.

  25. What a great watch! I got the B-uhr last year and love it. Looking forward to adding this to the collection.

  26. My favourite Canadian watch is my Whitby Watch Co. Intrepid Diver – Red made by my favourite watch company Whitby Watch Co.

  27. I am so impressed to see this micro-brand activity in Canada. I just discovered Whitby a few days ago and they are stunning!

  28. I have an Arrow Wounder Warrior and I love it. My father was a WW2 vet and whenever I wear that watch, I am reminded of him.

  29. Intrepid X from Whitby Watch is exceptionally fancy. I purchased their Intrepid X few weeks ago. It is very well built and has one of those high-end quality vibe when you look at it. Highly recommended for their looks and quality as well as their friendly customer care after purchase 🙂

  30. Whitby Watch Co. is hands down my favorite Canadian watch brand. My Intrepid, Arrow, and Ambassador all get a lot of wrist time. The Intrepid X is a beautiful piece I would love to add to my collection of Whitby’s.

  31. My favourite Canadian watch is my TSAR, but that is because it was on my wrist for the last 7 years of my career in the CAF, before medically releasing in January. But the Intrepid X is one I have had my eyes on since I first saw the hints they dropped on Instagram. I also wish I could’ve gotten my hands on the Grey Type B Arrow before they sold out.

  32. The Whitby Watch Co for it’s history and how it ties it all in to its watches! Keep up the great work!

  33. Love my Whitby intrepid as I managed to get my hands on a Black dial…Roy and the team were fantastic…even threw in a t-shirt.

  34. This is the first time I’ve heard of Whitby, or any Canadian watch company for that matter. It is a very nice-looking watch.

  35. Going to go with Marathon / they have dive/pilot/military ,but I prefer Black General Purpose Mechanical (GPM) – 34mm ..

  36. I prefer the Black General Purpose Mechanical (GPM) – 34mm from Marathon .. I have an old Marathon watch and the tritium finally went dark…

  37. I bought the Intrepid for my partner who is a Military Intelligence operator with CAF. He’s an avid watch lover (esp Omega’s) and he loved this watch. This was the perfect 50th birthday present

  38. The weight of these watches is really impressive. The design is beautiful and looks great

  39. I have been wearing Momentum watches for many years but I did get a blue Intrepid from Whitby Watch a 2 years ago and it has now been my everyday watch

  40. My favourite Canadian watch would be from WWC I only have 2 Canadian watches both from WWC
    I really like my Royal Blue diver but surprisingly my favourite is Got Your Six Arrow. Love the look of the maple leaf and Wounded Warriors Canada icon at 6 o clock!

  41. I only have 2 Canadian watches both from WWC, I really like the Royal Intrepid Diver, but my favourite is my Got Your Six Arrow. I love the look of the Maple leaf ? on it with the Wounded Warriors Canada icon at 6 o clock!

  42. As a Canadian and an Intelligence Operator in the CAF, I have really enjoyed my Whitby Intrepid divers watch and would LOVE to add the chronograph with its “brother”. Having the rose compass on my watch and my uniform gives me a huge sense of pride. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  43. Very beautiful time piece anyone that wins it would be very fortunate to get such a prize. Good luck to all that entered however I hope that I’m the one that gets to sport this time piece

  44. I think the Intrepid X Chronograph from Whitby Watch Co. is going to be my new favorite Canadian watch (especially if I win!)

  45. I’m trying to enter this “giveaway” but it does NOT seem to be working. I can answer the question, then I enter my email address, but when I click ENTER it just asks if I meant to enter some other stupid address (guess what, King Sumo, not everyone is on MAC.COM) but then it just sits at the ENTER button and never shows that I have entered and never gives the referral link.

  46. Umpteenth try and I was finally able to enter. Apparently it wants a captcha but the first dozen or so times I tried to enter the page wasn’t even bothering to bring up the Captcha for me to click that I’m human.

  47. Something is seriously wrong with how the giveaway is set up. To be blunt, the entry form does NOT WORK.

  48. I don’t know if this giveaway is a fake or if someone just doesn’t know how to set up the software but it is damn near impossible to actually enter.

  49. The Marathon CSAR is a watch I would really like to own. This watch also looks like a nice as well as rugged.

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