For those unfamiliar, Xetum is a company based out of California designing some incredible Swiss-made watches.  Prior to now, they’ve offered their watches with a slick (and integrated) leather strap.  As of today, however, you can order your watch with a stainless-steel bracelet, if you’re so inclined.

Perhaps the most interesting point to this announcement (other than the option to fit the watch’s style to your own) is that the pricing remains the same whether you select the leather or steel bracelet.  Ah, variety – you certainly do spice up life!

  • Stainless steel bracelet with brushed and polished links
  • There are alternating columns of brushed and polished links.  This alternating pattern of finishing is similar to if you viewed our watch case from the side
  • Pushbutton release butterfly clasp
  • The steel bracelet option is available on all current Tyndall and Stinson watches
  • Steel bracelet watches are priced the same as our leather strap watches ($995 Stinson / $1395 Tyndall)
  • 20mm width throughout (non-tapering)
  • More information is available here


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