Just as we did with our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales posts, we’re going to set this article up as a one-stop-shop for the various deals that are going to be out there to close out the year. Please watch for the final dates on some of these, as they end well before the year does.

First up, we have the crew over at Marloe discounting one of their watches. It’s not the Solent that we reviewed, but it should still net you the same build quality that we saw there. This time, it’s the Marloe Atlantic chronograph that’s getting the discount, with the price dropping from £975 to £699 (approx $925) which is a sharp price for an automatic chronograph. Free shipping is included, and could potentially even ship the same day you order. Check it out over at marloewatchcompany.com

Our friends over at Helson (last reviewed right here) have a simple 15% discount with the code XMAS21 that will be active until December 20. Check out all their wares over at helsonwatches.com

That’s all we’ve found for now – check back later to see if we’ve come across any others!

ByPatrick Kansa

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