For the very first time, Niall is coming out with a woman’s watch. Cairenn; and she’s 36mm of elegance and beauty.

The dial looks like it has room to breath. You will not need to squint when looking at the time. There are blue dots on each hour position at the edge of the dial. The hands are blued, however, they are shorter than they could be.

This beautiful watch seems to be great for an every day wear, but it could certainly continue with you into the night. With a cocktail in your hand, at the bar with your girlfriends or on a date.

I was immediately attracted to the stainless bezel with arabic numerals model. It’s the one for me: I like numerals more than roman numbers any day. It’s big, it’s spread out, and not crowded on the dial. It’s simple, and still manages to somehow stand out. It doesn’t try to be more than it is, a trait more brands should emulate.

Do you want to be among the first to wear Cairenn? Niall is currently taking reservations. Pre orders will begin in October and shipping will begin November 6, 2017.  The stainless bezel models in Arabic and Roman numerals are $2250 USD, and adding the diamond bezel brings them up to $5275 USD.

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