Our pal Matt Himmelstein is back with a rather interesting Kickstarter watch that features a titanium dial with a rather interesting feature.  Read on to learn more about the piece.

Every once in a while, a Kickstarter watch will pop up that is actually something I consider unique.  The Stratus (project page) is such a project.  I am not going to go into the technical details on the watch, since it is a very utilitarian quartz and the whole watch comes in under $100.  No, what is unique is that you get to have your design etched into titanium for the watch face.

The makers have a design app that allows you to detail a design for the face of your watch (or pick one that they offer from a catalog) and then have it etched onto an anodized titanium disk for your very own, custom watch face.  It is an interesting idea, and one that would make a great gift (though too late for this holiday season) or a very interesting promotional item.  The fact that the face is going to be on a basic (though not terrible looking) watch limits the appeal of the project for someone who cares about what goes on under the hood, but I think there certainly is a market for this concept.

Editor’s note:  they’re currently about 1/6th of the way to their funding goal, with 28 days to go in the project as of this writing.  While I agree with Matt that the watch itself isn’t a technical marvel, the dial options you have (as well as the fact you’re making use of repurposed titanium) makes the $100 watch a whole lot more interesting.

A range of color options
A range of color options

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