Review – Nooka Zoo

January 19, 2005 . by John Biggs

The Nooka Zoo is like the Nooka Zots sensible older brother. Sure, this watch likes to rebel, but it stays within the bounds of reason and propriety and offers a perfect role-model for other small-run, classic watches to strive towards emulating.

Review – Fossil Wrist PDA

January 6, 2005 . by John Biggs

The biggest piece of vaporware since Windows Longhorn has finally hit the street: the Fossil Wrist PDA. Yes, it’s here, dropping mad science on all you geeks out there.

Review – Nooka Zot

January 4, 2005 . by John Biggs

Rarely does something come along that forces you to rethink old ways of doing things. Think about it… what piece of design or engineering, in the past, say, ten years, has really caused you to reconsider the ruling paradigm?