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In Review: Bia Rosie


Given that we here at WWR are, well, guys, we tend to write about and review watches that are meant for guys. But today, we’ve got a review that’s specifically for the ladies. Which isn’t to say a woman couldn’t wear a “mens” watch – many do, and do so quite well. However, if you want a watch designed for a woman’s wrist, that’s where the Bia Rosie comes in.

Introducing the Shinola Station Agent


If you know one thing about me (aside from my penchant for GMT watches), it’s that I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to watches from Shinola, since they’re built in my old hometown. Now, they’ve embraced the train history of Detroit with the Shinola Station Agent.

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This site isn’t free. It costs me money to run and, unlike others in our space, we don’t take investment from watch companies and we don’t sell $5,000 clocks. We don’t take mainstream advertising. We don’t go on trips. I run Amazon and Google affiliate plans and that’s it. We are not in this for the cash. We just love watches and we try to tell the truth about them.

Explore the Watch World Underworld With HourTime

Nicholas’s shiny new Casioask. Photo credit: Nicholas De Leon/WristWatchReview.com

Big news from the dark corners of the watch industry lead us off this week on the latest episode of The HourTime Show, which is available now wherever you get your podcasts.

Meet the Endeavour Repeater, Moser’s Latest Work of Art

Photo credit: H. Moser & Cie

We’re halfway through the thirteenth month of 2020, or at least it feels that way. What better antidote to all of this (/me gesticulates wildly) than to cast our eyes upon the latest work of art from Moser: a limited edition “electric blue” repeater going by the name of Endeavour.

In Review: Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds


With watches, we tend to get drawn in by the flashy. Whether that means super high-end stuff, crazy complications, or literally bright and crazy designs, we seek those headline-shouting sorts of watches. But once that’s all said and done, you probably end up actually buying something that’s efficiently competent – something like the Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds.

Major Chinese Replica Watch Factory Known For Tudor Fakes Raided, Shut Down

A genuine, or “gen,” Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue. Photo credit: Tudor

Replica watches are not something we talk about too frequently ‘round these parts but there appears to be big news on that front this week. Reports online suggest that Chinese officials have raided the prominent ZF factory that’s perhaps best known for creating high quality Tudor and IWC replicas, or “reps” as they’re sometimes called.

Casio blasts us with a super-cool red metal G-Shock


A new contender in the G-Shock Full Metal series is this amazing red model, the $600 GMWB5000RD-4. Built out of stainless steel and containing a classic G-Shock movement, this beast is pretty darn sweet.

Don’t Miss Episode Three of The HourTime Show


Casioak! SKX! Speedmaster! Oh my! That’s right, friends: the third episode of the rebooted HourTime Show podcast is now available and boy is it a hoot.

Introducing: UNDONE Arabian Nights


I’m going to go out on a limb right now, and say the UNDONE Arabian Nights is the watch we need, after 2021 (and these first few days of 2021, do not want). Not for design, or materials (which are pretty sweet), but for the engraving on the caseback.