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The HourTime Show Asks, How Much for Breitling?

Image Credit: Titanium22 / Flickr

Hello and welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com. Your hosts this week are John, Victor, and Nicholas.

Should you buy the new Apple Watch Series 7?


Just when you thought you could live your life without another Apple gadget, here comes the Apple Watch Series 7. But should you buy it?

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In Review: The Casio GSWH1000-1 smartwatch


The Casio G-Shock line has always been good at one thing: surviving in tough conditions. I wear G-Shocks when I know I’ll be rolling around in the sand, hiking, or anything that requires the watch to get dollops of mud or worse all over it. I’ve never really worn G-Shock’s to exercise. Until now.

Introducing: Undone Dark Knight Retrospective


Undone has had a few Batman watches so far, but they’ve been more tied to the modern era of the Dark Knight Detective. That is, until this one. While it’s safe to say that the 1989 Batman cemented the hero in my teenage mind as my favorite, it was of course the reruns of the 1960s Batman that first introduced me to the character. Which is what I find so intriguing about the just-announced Undone Dark Knight Retrospective.

The HourTime Show Asks, What Should Watches Be?

Image: Patrick Kansa / WristWatchReview.com

Hello and welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com. Your hosts this week are the returning John (!) as well as Victor and Nicholas.

Introducing: Ball Engineer M Skindiver III


While I will admit that not every single release from Ball Watch lights up my tritium tubes, there have been a number of them as of late that really have caught my eye. I’m not sure if anyone in the design team over there reads what I write, but they seem to be honing in on my personal preferences. The latest to take a shot at me? The Ball Engineer M Skindiver III.

In Review: Timex + Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp


As we’ve been saying over the past few years, Timex really seems to have found their groove with coming up with some pretty sharp designs, the sort of watches that appeal to both casual folks, as well as those super into watches. Some of those highlights have come from their partnership with Todd Snyder, and we recently spent some time with their latest collaboration – the Timex + Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp.

In Review: Long Island Watch ISL-38


If you’re not familiar with Long Island Watch, you really need to be. We’ve worked with them in the past with getting in some various loaners, so they can be a good source for stock watches. But are you aware that they’ve also branched out into their own designs? Recently, we spent some time with one of their latest, the Long Island Watch ISL-38.

Introducing: Raven Airfield


One of the smaller brands that we’ve become closely acquainted with over the years now are the folks out in Kansas with a brand by the name of Raven. Before that name, you may have been familiar with them as Benarus. Regardless, over the last few years, Steve Laughlin has really honed in on his design aesthetic, as has been turning out some rather lovely pieces. One of the latest, which is up for pre-order now, is the Raven Airfield.

In Review: Houtman Pilbara Rock


Over the last 10+ years, I’ve been fortunate to experience quite a number of different watch brands, and get to meet people (at least via email exchanges) from all over the world. One of the latest international travelers to cross my review desk calls Australia home. Friends, meet the Houtman Pilbara Rock.