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Grand Seiko’s Latest GMTs Are Powered By Its 9F86 Quartz Movement

The Grand Seiko SBGN023. Image Credit: Grand Seiko

We’re generally big fans of Grand Seiko (and plain old Seiko) round these parts, which makes today a good day. That’s because there’s not one, not two, but three new 40mm Grand Seiko GMTs that were just announced, powered by the brand’s highly accurate 9F86 quartz movement.

In Review: Swatch Big Bold Jelly


While I know that Swatch – as a corporation – encompasses a wide variety of brands and watch styles, when I actually hear “Swatch”, it calls to mind brightly-colored, plastic-encased watches. That’s because they were all the rage back in my junior high days. Yeah, the digital Ironman watches were popular as well, but those bright Swatches were all the rage. Well, I’ve recently been spending some time with one that is that memory writ large – the Swatch Big Bold Jelly.

Introducing: Citizen Promaster Aqualand


For most of us, I’m going to venture to say that dive watches are something we appreciate more for the style and ruggedness, and not necessarily so much for, you know, actual diving. There are folks who do use them for their intended design, and since 1985, the Citizen Promaster Aqualand has been doing it in a way that automatically knows when you’re in the water and switches to depth tracking mode.

Blast Off to Space With the HourTime Show

Image Credit: Omega

Welcome back to The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com. John, the patriarch of the program, is unfortunately out sick this week so that leaves it to Victor and Nicholas to steer the pod.

Accutron’s Latest Legacy Collection Release Harkens Back to the TV Age

Image Credit: Accutron

In the Olden Days, before streaming took over the world, folks would gather around a gadget called a television to watch linear programming delivered over the air. That may seem somewhat quaint now that we all own mobile supercomputers that can display basically anything on demand, but TV was a Big Deal–and Accutron was there, with its 261 aka the “TV Watch.”

Casio drops a chromed titanium G-Shock


I bet none of us had a $1,700 G-Shock on our 2021 Bingo Cards, but here we are. The new Casio GMWB5000TR-9 is a watch that uses a new type of titanium called “Tran Tixxii,” “jointly developed over a six-year period by Casio and Nippon Steel Corporation.”

In Review: Roebuck Scuba


Hey, so you all remember Roebuck, right? Sure, the name is pretty synonymous (at least in my mind) with the Sears & Roebuck catalog, but it’s also the name of a watch brand that calls Texas home. We reviewed their prior models, the aptly-named Alpha and sophmore effort, the Diviso. Well, just as with the Diviso, we got the Roebuck Scuba well in advance of it’s Kickstarter launch. That’s right – you can’t buy this yet, but will be able to in a few months.

Now Funding: Redux & Co Titanium Watches


Now, I can’t say as I’m overly familiar with Redux & Co (I mean, it’s been over 5 years since Matt wrote about them last), but there’s something to be said about a brand coming gunning right out of the gate. You generally see one watch with some variants in a Kickstarter campaign. That wasn’t enough for Redux & Co – no, they’ve decided to put four designs out there, all at once.

Introducing the Jake Burton Carpenter Shinola


Even if you’re not a snowboarder (I most certainly am not), you are no doubt familiar with the snowboarding gear brand Burton. Well, as with most brands, it actually started out as the brainchild of one person. In this case, it was Jake Burton Carpenter back in 1977 who decided standing sideways on the snow was the way to go. He passed about a year ago, and this new Jake Burton Carpenter Shinola is being done in honor of what he built.

May The HourTime Show Be With You

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

May is Star Wars month, and you know what that means: hot watch talk on The HourTime Show!