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In Review: Vesuviate Attivo


In case you’re wondering where you’re heard of Vesuviate before, well, it was right here, actually. Oh, and here. This time around, we were able to spend some time with a new watch before it hits Kickstarter, and are ready to give you our take on it. All, meet the Vesuviate Attivo.

Introducing the Shinola Detrola Silly Putty


There are all sorts of different putties out there for kids to play with – heat-sensitive, magnetic, glowing, and the like. There’s no disputing that the OG of them all is Silly Putty. I mean, can your glitter-filled putty lift ink from a newspaper? To commemorate this durable childhood staple, we’ve got a new watch, the Shinola Detrola Silly Putty.

Introducing the Oris Aquis Date Cherry

01 733 7766 4158-07 8 22 05PEB - Oris Aquis Date

We here at WWR are fans of the watches that Oris makes, and frankly are surprised that they don’t get more attention in the wider world of watches. No matter, they’re keeping on doing their thing. While I’m a fan of their blue dials, they went in a more vibrant direction for the latest release, the Oris Aquis Date Cherry.

This Week The HourTime Show Is Seikotastic

The new Grand Seiko GMTs discussed on the show this week. Image Credit: Grand Seiko

John, Victor, and Nicholas are back with energy to spare this week as they delve into the latest watch news. Get excited!

The March 2021 WWR Giveaway: Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds


It’s been a long time – a very long time – since we’ve brought you a giveaway. Well, we’re quite pleased to bring you another one, this time courtesy of our friends over at Szanto Watches.

Accutron Reaches Back to the 1970s With its RR-0

Accutron Legacy RR-0. Image Credit: Accutron/Citizen Watch

I spend an inordinate amount of time cruising the #watches tag on Instagram, and if there’s one type of dial that I don’t see too often it’s the railroad dial. Perhaps this latest release from Accutron can help change that.

Introducing the Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3


Say, friend – you just ordered up your new Porsche 911 GT3, and are just now realizing that your watch isn’t quite up to the standards of what you configured with your new road rocket? Bemoan no more, because you can now get your own watch – customized and matched to your car – in the form of the Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3.

Introducing the Timex Marlin Beagle Scout


It’s starting to feel – to me – like Timex has come to terms with the platform they’ve got with the Marlin Automatic lineup, and have been customizing it for some interesting looks. We reviewed a California dial version recently, and now they’ve come out with one extending their Peanuts lineup, the Timex Marlin Beagle Scout.

Introducing the Triwa Time For Peace 2.0


I’ve long been a fan of how Triwa utilizes interesting materials in the construction of their watches. More often than not, those take the form of non-metallic things, like acetate and plastics. They do have a very special metal-cased watch in the collection, and now a new one has joined in.

The HourTime Show Sticks Up for The Little Guy

Rolex HQ. Image Credit: Falcon Photography / Flickr

The three amigos of The HourTime Show are back this week! On the docket: How many watches you need to be a true “watchhead” and what, exactly, is watch journalism, anyway.