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Breguet is taking crazy pills


Breguet is updating their classic Marine line and changing the traditional lines of its chornos and three handers into something that smacks of… desperation?

Podcast: Bad Watch Things Happen to Good Watch People

We Are Big Mad This Week. Image Credit: Isengardt / Flickr

Welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com! All three of your pals John, Victor, and Nicholas are here this week, and John immediately makes his presence known by taking issue with a chrono made by Aragon Watch. This then leads to a larger discussion about general watch lameness, including wobbly crowns, ghost date movements, and private WhatsApp groups where the nouveau riche flaunt their latest pickup. Must be nice. 

That’s no moon! It’s the Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon!


The last time we talked about Kross, it was to cover their superb Batmobile desk clock (read about that here). This time around, they’ve hit hyperspace to land onto another very popular property, Star Wars. They focused in on the Death Star. Rather than make a desk clock (which I’m sure would have MB&F paying close attention) they instead created a rather interesting looking watch – the Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon.

Just announced: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Neon


Zodiac are no strangers to throwing bright colors at us across their well-recieved Super Sea Wolf line. Just in time for hot weather, they’re bringing out a duo that puts me in mind of an icy gin-and-tonic – the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Neon.

Introducing: Skagen Aaren Naturals


Becoming more eco-friendly in the materials used in creating our favorite products. We’ve seen this a good deal in the watch world, primarily with a focus on using plastics recycled from ocean waste. While these watches don’t feature plastic, they do have some interesting changes – meet the Skagen Aaren Naturals.

Introducing: Christoper Ward C60 #tide Strap


Everyone get on board the ocean plastic train, because this one is chugging right along. Earlier today, we saw a new Shinola model using ocean plastic from #tide, and we’ve also talked about Triwa’s efforts with the same material. While Christopher Ward works in steel-cased watches, they offer textile straps – including one made with recycled ocean plastic.

Introducing: Shinola Detrola Sea Creatures


Just in time for World Ocean Day, Shinola is introducing new versions of their versatile Detrola platform. This time around, the watches are known as the Shinola Detrola Sea Creatures.

A watch scam exposed


It’s not every day that a scam is exposed in nearly real time but Time and Tide posted a fascinating bit about a scammer who literally groomed a seller by pretending to be interested in a small retailer’s wares and then swapping a Patek Nautilus for a fake during a break in the negotiations.

Introducing: Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT Sled Driver


Ball is certainly no stranger to high-performance aviation. It’s quite a road from their train days, but the same concept applies across the range – reliability and accuracy in adverse conditions. You may recall that we reviewed the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT not that long ago (you can see that here) – so why bring it up again? Well, this is a special watch built to honor one tenacious pilot. So, that’s why we’re covering the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT Sled Driver.

In Review: The Aragon Divemaster 4


I’m a sucker for big watches.

But I’m not a sucker.