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The Lighter Side: How Sears started selling watches


Sears (and Roebuck) was, once upon a time, a giant in the retail space, from their catalogs back in the day to their “big box” stores that predated the term. Well, they’re really not around so much anymore, but they did have a mark on the world of watches. Read on to see a quick story about how it came to be.

Introducing: Vincero Collector’s Box


After you’ve been into watches for a bit (or really any hobby, I guess), you realize something. You need a place to store all of those watches. Sure, you can use the packaging it comes in, or perhaps you have a lockbox. But for pieces that you wear regularly, having something you can get to them easily is key. Enter the just-released Vincero Collector’s Box.

Breitling decides to do an Ironman

Breitling Endurance Pro IRONMAN_Ref. X823109A1K1S1_print use

While you’ll most likely slap a Timex to your wrist if you decide to do an Ironman one day, Breitling is hoping that you’ll give their watches a try for some apres triathlon beers. The Endurance Pro chronometer features some bold styling and a special red or black face and band to match the Ironman aesthetic.

ORIS Cal 400


ORIS has, for many years, been about inclusive luxury; the making of a quality mechanical watch at a price that is more or less attainable. This has traditionally meant buying movements from other suppliers. While that’s still the case for now, ORIS is declaring, very simply, ‘the Caliber 400 is the new standard.’

Nixoid NEXT is kickstarting a new Nixie-tube based wristwatch


Nixoid made their classic Nixie tube watch back in 2018, and now they’re back with a redesigned case for it, better charging, and some new features. If retro-futurism is your vibe, this is for you.

Introducing: Timex x MadeWorn


The Timex American Documents series is an interesting one, focusing on some American roots for the brand, and bringing different designs – and designers – into the mix. This time around, they’ve enlisted Blaine Halvorson of MadeWorn to come up with something new – which resulted in the Timex x MadeWorn you see here.

Breguet is taking crazy pills


Breguet is updating their classic Marine line and changing the traditional lines of its chornos and three handers into something that smacks of… desperation?

Podcast: Bad Watch Things Happen to Good Watch People

We Are Big Mad This Week. Image Credit: Isengardt / Flickr

Welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com! All three of your pals John, Victor, and Nicholas are here this week, and John immediately makes his presence known by taking issue with a chrono made by Aragon Watch. This then leads to a larger discussion about general watch lameness, including wobbly crowns, ghost date movements, and private WhatsApp groups where the nouveau riche flaunt their latest pickup. Must be nice. 

That’s no moon! It’s the Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon!


The last time we talked about Kross, it was to cover their superb Batmobile desk clock (read about that here). This time around, they’ve hit hyperspace to land onto another very popular property, Star Wars. They focused in on the Death Star. Rather than make a desk clock (which I’m sure would have MB&F paying close attention) they instead created a rather interesting looking watch – the Kross Studio Death Star Tourbillon.

Just announced: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Neon


Zodiac are no strangers to throwing bright colors at us across their well-recieved Super Sea Wolf line. Just in time for hot weather, they’re bringing out a duo that puts me in mind of an icy gin-and-tonic – the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Neon.