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In Review: Christopher Ward C63 Sealander GMT


All the way back in April, we brought you word of a new collection from Christopher Ward, the C63 Sealander. In that article, we covered the three different models that comprise the collection. Since that time, we’ve been spending time with my personal favorite from the collection, the Christopher Ward C63 Sealander GMT.

Casio drops some thin and light sports watches


Casio has just announced the new GA2200 series, a thin and light sports watch in black, grey, and bright orange. The pieces are about 12.8mm thick and feature workout tracking for those looking for a rugged watch that isn’t huge on the wrist.

Even Tom Ford wants to save the oceans


Everybody is getting onto the ocean plastic bandwagon these days, it would seem. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’m all for it, getting that stuff out of the ocean, and #tide seems to have figured out interesting ways to get it repurposed. One of the latest brands to use the material is Tom Ford with the Tom Ford 002 Ocean Plastic Watch.

Introducing: H. Moser Heritage Perpetual Calendar Midnight Blue Enamel


When it comes to making their own way, or taking their own approach, Moser is definitely at the head of the pack. They’re not doing things with crazy timekeeping methods or that, but they just take what’s known, what’s high end, and then put their own particular spin on it. Take, for instance, the H. Moser Heritage Perpetual Calendar Midnight Blue Enamel.

Introducing: Fossil X Southwest


This seems to be the summer of collaborations, as we’ve seen between watches and streetwear brands and movie releases. Now that some travel seems to be picking up a little bit, it sort of makes sense that we’d see an airline collaboration. In honor of their 50th anniversary, Southwest Airlines has teamed up with Fossil (they both call Dallas, TX home) to creae the Fossil X Southwest collaboration.

In Review: Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto


A few months ago, we had a handful of watches come in from Hamilton for review. Two of those (seen here and here) we started working up the reviews right away. There was a third watch, one that had not actually been officially released when the loaner came in. Now that we’re well past that embargo date, we’re here with a hands-on review of the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto.

In Review: Shinola Detrola Sea Creatures


Back in June, we brought you word about the latest entry into the Shinola Detrola lineup, featuring materials made from recycled ocean plastic courtesy of the crew over at #tide. As we talked to the brand about the watch, we realized that the Detrola line was one we’d not actually seen in person. So, in came a loaner of the Shinola Detrola Sea Creatures.



Early last month, we brought you word of a collaboration between UNDONE and STAPLE. On paper, it seems to make sense, as UNDONE is all about customized watches, and Jeff Staple got his start customizing sneakers. Not being a sneakerhead myself, I was still intrigued by the design. As we do, we got a sample in of the UNDONE X STAPLE, and have been spending time with it.

Nixon brings The Heat to the Olympics


Nixon’s The Heat watch is their thinnest waterproof watch. The first limited edition of it appeared on July 13, and now they’re showing The Heat: Team Edition, a limited edition in gold with blue accents, for surfers and skaters.

The Ripley Alien watch you don’t know about


Everyone is familiar with the Giugiaro Seiko chronograph worn by Sigourney Weaver in the role of Ellen Ripley. It’s a classic 1980s design and we love it. But what about the Casio F-100?