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Atticus Pytheas is a watch for adventures into the unknown


An adventurer into the unknown, an explorer, if you will, needs a simple, reliable watch. Maybe you don’t need a second or third timezone. Maybe you don’t need a slide rule. Maybe, you just need the time, just-in-time.

And that’s what the Atticus Pytheas provides.

Introducing the Citizen Super Titanium Satellite Wave GPS


I have long had a fascination with watches that can sync themselves with signals (be it from land-based atomic clock radios, as my own watch does) or those that sync to the heavens (and GPS satellites) to keep themselves accurate – especially if they can power up via light. In other words, a watch that’s always accurate and always running. The Citizen Super Titanium Satellite Wave GPS has all of that – and just a bit more.

Build the Perfect Watch Collection With the Latest Episode of HourTime

Zenith’s New Chronomaster Sport. Image Credit: Zenith

It’s just Victor and Nicholas again this week (John had a scheduling conflict), but there’s plenty to go over, including a very handsome new chronograph from Zenith (pictured above) and an affordable dive watch that’s the spitting image of a Tag Heur Aquaracer.

Introducing the Q Timex Marmont 1975


I have to imagine that, being a brand that’s been around as long as Timex has, it must feel nice to have an extensive back catalog to dig into. I mean, retro nostalgia is all the rage, right? Maybe not everything was a winner, but they should know their own sales stats, and what might make sense to bring back. With that in view, we recently saw the Q Timex Marmont 1975 reissue announced.

The Bia Rosie is an affordable TAG Heuer Aquaracer


Patrick wrote about the Bia Rosie, a 38mm quartz dive watch intended for women. I immediately recognized it as something else.

Breaking: Patek Philippe Discontinues the Nautilus Ref. 5711

Patek Philippe Ref. 5711 Nautilus. Image credit: Patek Philippe SA

What was merely a rumor swirling around watch forums and YouTube comment sections is now official: Patek Philippe is discontinuing the Ref. 57111A-010 Nautilus. I think I speak for everyone here at WristWatchReview in saying, “WHAT?!”

In Review: Bia Rosie


Given that we here at WWR are, well, guys, we tend to write about and review watches that are meant for guys. But today, we’ve got a review that’s specifically for the ladies. Which isn’t to say a woman couldn’t wear a “mens” watch – many do, and do so quite well. However, if you want a watch designed for a woman’s wrist, that’s where the Bia Rosie comes in.

Introducing the Shinola Station Agent


If you know one thing about me (aside from my penchant for GMT watches), it’s that I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to watches from Shinola, since they’re built in my old hometown. Now, they’ve embraced the train history of Detroit with the Shinola Station Agent.

Please help support independent watch journalism


This site isn’t free. It costs me money to run and, unlike others in our space, we don’t take investment from watch companies and we don’t sell $5,000 clocks. We don’t take mainstream advertising. We don’t go on trips. I run Amazon and Google affiliate plans and that’s it. We are not in this for the cash. We just love watches and we try to tell the truth about them.

Explore the Watch World Underworld With HourTime

Nicholas’s shiny new Casioask. Photo credit: Nicholas De Leon/WristWatchReview.com

Big news from the dark corners of the watch industry lead us off this week on the latest episode of The HourTime Show, which is available now wherever you get your podcasts.