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Make your ceramic sporty with the Rado Captain Cook


When I think of Rado, I think of ceramic. They’ve been making some lovely pieces out of that high-tech material, but their creations have largely been in a dressier, or more refined, look and feel. In general, I’m fine with that, but they’ve recently expanded the material into something that’s definitely more sporty – the Rado Captain Cook.

A new calibre takes up home in the Ball Engineer M Pioneer


Someone in the Ball design department seems to have my number, as this new Ball Engineer M Pioneer has all of the things I like about their watches in one place. Or, maybe I’m just another sheep in the herd, and happen to like a lot of things other folks like. Regardless, there’s another new technical innovation hiding in this watch.

Just released: Swatch BioCeramic


Swatch is certainly no stranger to playing around with how they use plastics in the manufacture of their watches. They’ve done quite a bit with plastic and all the colors they’ve brought to wrists around the world. At the end of 2020, they introduced their BIORELOADED lineup, which brought some more eco-friendly plastic in. Now, they’re evolving that a bit further with the Swatch BioCeramic collection.

In Review: Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto


Buckle in, friends – this is the first of more than a few Hamilton hands-on reviews that we’ve got in the works (and wow, do we have some pretty cool ones in the pipeline for you all). Today, however, we’ll start with something that I find classic and a solid entry point to the brand for just about anyone – the Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto.

Be ready for warmer weather with the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Cotton Candy


By now, you should be familiar with the Oris Divers Sixty-Five, as it seems to be everywhere, with new versions popping up a few times per year. We’ve gone hands-on with the lineup, and have written about others (check that out here). Well, at Watches & Wonders last week, they introduced the delightful Oris Divers Sixty-Five Cotton Candy.

Introducing the Q Timex Color Series


I don’t know that I’ll ever get tired of the Q Timex watches, these just feel like designs that get so much so right. Lately, I’m sure the automatic version of the M79 has gotten all the love, but I say there’s nothing wrong with having a solid quartz in your lineup, and we’ve got some brand-new colors coming in on the Q Timex Color series.

Casio’s Limited Edition Space Shuttle-Themed G-Shock Has Us Dreaming of The Stars

Image Credit: Casio

Not that we’d need a special occasion to don a square, but Casio has just announced a limited edition G-Shock DW5600 that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch.

Baltic bring the compressor to the surface with the Aquascaphe Dual-Crown


Baltic have made some very nice watches over the past few years. They’re best characterized as tasteful, traditional watches with modern quality. So far, they’ve made dress watches, dive watches, a GMT, and a two register chronograph.

Arnold & Son: That’s (no) moon


Arnold & Son has released a new moon phase piece that is quite a stunner. The manual wind movement features a massive, rotating marble and glass moon in the middle of the face, allowing you to really, really, really tell the current moon phase at a glance.

It’s stunning.

The Vesuviate Attivo is live on Kickstarter


Just a quick reminder – remember that Vesuviate Attivo we reviewed a little bit ago? Well, it’s live over on Kickstarter (has been for a bit), so you can pop over there and get your own before things close up on April 29th.