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WWR is making our first watch – let’s make a chrono!


You’re one of our best-dressed, handsome readers. You have strong opinions about what looks good, what doesn’t, and what you’ll wear. You look like a million bucks, even if your watch doesn’t cost a million. We’re making a watch for you.

We’ve developed our watch tastes for the past 18 years (WWR, founded 2004), and have kept up telling you when something’s good, or not. Now we’re making a watch, and need you to tell us you’re on board for one.

Recently released: a bevy of new Tissot PRX models


What do you do when you’ve got a successful (and iconic in it’s own way) watch design out there? Aside from continuing to produce more of the same, that is? You figure out how to do a remix and expand the family, that’s what you do. At least, that’s what Tissot recently did with their PRX line.

Introducing: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro Diver Titanium LE


As we’ve become more acquainted with Zodiac watches (you can see all our reviews of them here) as well as what they’re targeting to do as a watch company (which we covered in this review), we cannot help but to like what they’re doing, and the full embrace of their “vintage” design cues. While they had introduced a professional diver not that long ago, another is being released on June 24th that turns the dial up to 11 – meet the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro Diver Titanium LE.

Recently Released: Maui & Sons X Fossil

FSL4827670 SU22 Fossil Maui & Sons + Madrid Feature Photography

Partnerships seem to be all the rage in the last year or two. By pairing up with another popular brand, it’s a way to inject some fresh excitement into an existing watch design. The latest to capitalize on this is the Maui & Sons X Fossil release of two different watches.

The Corum Bubble Skull X-Ray gets inside your head


Corum is a weird company. They have a few very definitive watches – the Bubble being their biggest seller – but this time they seem to have gone off the deep end. The Corum Bubble Skull X-Ray is a rehash of Corum’s original Bubble watch with a twist – it displays the glowing X-ray of a human skull through the big and bold crystal.

In review: Aquatico Poseidon Blue Ceramic diver


Over the past few years, I have reviewed several Aquatico watches. So far, none of them have disappointed me, which means I’m always up for checking out their new stuff. Being a diver I don’t just like the look of a good dive watch, I also want one that I can actually use for its intended purpose. The vintage no nonsense look of the Aquatico Poseidon really appealed to me, and I was able to get one in for review.

Recently Released: Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Automatic Calanda


As of late, we have seen no shortage of recycled materials showing up in watches. A majority of those have featured recycled ocean plastic in cases and straps, and a few have snuck in with some recycled metal components. Well, Alpina is upping their commitment in that area with the Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Automatic Calanda.

Recently Released: Oris Aquis Date Cherry (and some bi-color options)

01 733 7730 4158-07 8 24 05PEB - Aquis Date

We’re fans of the watches that Oris produces, especially as many seem to just pass by them when considering a new watch. The Oris Aquis Date is one of their most approachable – and versatile – pieces, and they’ve just introduced some new colors to the family.

Recently Released: James Brand x Timex Expedition North 41mm Automatic


The last time the James Brand and Timex got together (you can see that here), their collaboration watch sold out in a blink of an eye. This time around, we’re pretty sure that the James Brand x Timex Expedition North 41mm Automatic will follow the same path.

Recently Released: Rado Captain Cook Chronograph


When you think of Rado, what do you think about – their use of high-tech ceramics? That would be apt, as they do a lot of interesting things with ceramic. Still, that’s giving short shrift to their sportier lines that focus on more traditional materials. The Captain Cook lineup manages to get you vintage diver looks, and their latest – the Rado Captain Cook Chronograph – brings a new complication to the case.

Pre-order alert: Mido Ocean Star 20th Anniversary


No, no, it’s not the 20th anniversary of Mido Watches. Rather, this year marks 20 years since they introduced their “Inspired by Architecture” watches. Which means, to be perfectly fair, the name of this watch is the Mido Ocean Star Inspired by Architecture 20th Anniversary Limited Edition. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, so we’re sticking with Mido Ocean Star 20th Anniversary for this article.