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CASIO introduces the Rick and Marty GSHOCK. Pack your shit, this should never have been introduced to Grumglorian society.



RICK: Put that away, Morty.

MORTY: But shouldn’t we –

RICK: Absolutely not, Morty. Trust me, they wouldn’t know what to do with your –

(Pulls down sunglasses)

– what is that? A G-SHOCK?

Introducing: Sea2see Seal


It would seem that this recycled ocean plastic has created quite a boon for creating different things. I mean, there’s a lot of it out in the oceans, so getting it out and reusing it (so we’re not creating even more plastic) sounds like a good thing to us. It’s also allowing brands to expand out into other uses. We’ve of course seen watch brands making use of the material, but now we’ve got an eyeglass company jumping into it, with the Sea2see Seal.

Introducing: Triwa X Sea Shepherd


Over the past year or so, we’ve covered a number of Time for Action watches from Triwa, with many of the more recent ones featuring cases made of recycled ocean plastic. Fittingly, for the material, their latest collaboration is the Triwa x Sea Shepherd.

Introducing: Magrette Leoncino 40mm


We’ve long been fans of what New Zealand brand Magrette has been producing, and their Leoncino (we wrote about the prior version here). That design was popular, but we’ve not seen it kicking around for a bit. Well, until now, because the Magrette Leoncino is back, in a new 40mm case design.

Introducing: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán White


As you well know, we tend to focus on watches that fall into the affordable end of the spectrum, and primarily well under $1000 price tags. Still, every now and again, something pops up that’s just too cool not to talk about, even though it’s a good deal more expensive than our normal coverage. One of the latest to hit that mark is the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracán White.

Introducing: The James Brand x Timex Expedition North


Timex is no doubt a brand you’re familiar with. We’ve written about them quite a bit, and we’ve all no doubt owned at least one or two at some point. The James Brand on the other hand may be new to you, unless you’re watching the world of well-designed every day carry (aka, EDC) items. Well, now they’re breaking through to more folks, and introducing a new watch, the The James Brand x Timex Expedition North.

Introducing: Traska Venturer


Over three years ago, we first talked to you about the then-new brand, Traska, and their new Freediver with a hands-on review. They’ve been busy in the years since, also releasing their Freediver and Summiteer watches. Well, just a few days ago, they announced their latest, the Traska Venturer.

Oris launches the Big Pilot in bronze


Oris has been loving bronze lately. They’ve made nearly every watch in their stable out of the stuff and the Big Pilot, their 41mm aviator watch, has just gotten the patina treatment.

Introducing: Undone x Kevin Lyons


I can’t say as that I’m all that familiar with the world of street art, but Undone is doing their best to help educate me (and, presumably, some of you). Their latest collaboration is with Kevin Lyons and his iconic monsters are taking center stage on the watches, of which there are actually 37 variants for the Undone x Kevin Lyons collabo.

Introducing: Baltic MR01


Ever since I discovered that micro rotor movements where a thing, I was fascinated. It combines the (relatively) input-free nature of an automatic movement with the thinness that is more commonly associated with manually-wound movements (as it doesn’t need the space for a traditionally-sized rotor). In other words, the best of both worlds, in my book. These movements tend to be in the realm of higher-end luxury watches, but now we’ve got one coming for us sub-$1000 watch fans – the Baltic MR01.