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Casio Teams Up With FC Barcelona for Limited Edition G-Shock

Image Credit: Casio

Tot el camp (plam plam plam) és un clam (plam plam plam), som la gent blau-grana!

I bet you didn’t expect to see the opening words of the FC Barcelona theme song here on WristWatchReview, but then again I never expected the team to partner with Casio for the creation of a limited edition, $230 G-Shock, formally known as the G-SHOCK x MATCHDAY GBD100BAR-4.

Recently Released: Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Sport


Back over the summer, we brought you word that Tom Ford was getting into using recycled ocean plastic for one of their watch designs. That was a fairly basic three-hander that certainly got the job done. However, if you want something that looks and feels a bit more robust, then the recently announced Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Sport should have your ears perking up.

Podcast: We Talk to the Man Behind Velle Alexander Leather Watch Straps

Random cool watch pic via gabihil on Flickr

It’s Monday, you know what that means: another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com! Stay awhile, and listen.

Giveaway notice: Tockr & Wheel of Time


Back in December, Tockr released a watch in commemoration of the new Amazon show Wheel of Time. Well, to be fair, the show is new but the story not so much, as it’s based on the books by Robert Jordan. For the watch, that’s most prominently shown by the luminous snake motif. For the next few days, you’ve got a chance to win one of your own.

SÖNER by Sweden makes you a tank watch… if you’re built like a tank


When Freddie Palmgren, the man behind SÖNER, asked for a bluntly honest review of his watch, I wasn’t sure that’s what he really wanted. Most of his watches had been quartz-powered, large, and tank shaped. Basically, in a world of round watches, that are returning to more middle-ground sizes, Freddie went the opposite direction. This is his first mechanical-powered watch, using the Miyota 9039 no-date movement. And it’s not wrong. This is the SÖNER MOMENTUM.

Timex’s Latest Collaborations


As we all know Timex are known for their collaborations and today I give you there two latest collaborations, the Timex x Huckberry Navi XL Automatic and the Timex X Patta. Both are designed for those who like exploring the great outdoors but while I think one is an absolute bargain, the other left me wondering “what if?”   

Recently released: Shinola Forged Carbon Monster


Over the past few years, I’ve been rather vocal of my support of Shinola, a brand that hails from the same part of the Mitten State that I grew up in. In addition to touring their factory, I’ve reviewed just about every watch collection that they’ve released (you can see those here). I was rather to see them introduce automatic movements with their Monster lineup (my favorite of the bunch is reviewed here), and now they’ve done something new for that lineup yet again, with the Shinola Forged Carbon Monster.

The Oak & Oscar Humboldt is headed to the Olympics!


How’s that, you ask? Did the independent Chicago brand somehow supplant Omega as the official timekeeper? Not in this slice of the multiverse. Instead, it’s showing up on wrists in the breakout sport of the last winter Olympics, curling. That’s right – the “everyone’s dads” US Curling team are bringing the heat.

In Review: Longines Spirit Titanium


While we don’t often think about Longines outside of news that pops up around their involvement in equestrian events, they do have a number of watches on offer. Some of them we may not give a second glance to, but others certainly do pop out. One we wrote about a in 2019, and another is the one that we’re covering today – the Longines Spirit Titanium.

AVI-8’s new WWII aviator watches scratch that Breitling itch


As you recall, I got to see the new Breitling Super AVIs a few weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Luckily, the folks at AVI-8 might have something almost as good.

Their Hawker Hurricane Classic Chronograph is a quartz chronograph in olive drab that features the styling of the Hawker Hurricane complete with vintage-style sundials and clever coloration and design.