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Writer on, and amateur collector of, watches of all types. Along with my writings here, you can find additional watch-related thoughts from me over on aBlogtoWatch.If you're on Twitter, you'll find me there as @ABTW_Patrick (for the watch stuff) and @pkansa (for everything else).


Alpina adds to the Alpiner 4 Collection

It has often been said (by yours truly, and others), that Frederique Constant offers affordable, well-built Swiss watches. Those tend to the more conservative, or dressy style; if you are in want of something sportier, then you need to look to stablemate Alpina. They just recently released two new watches in their Alpiner 4 collection, and both are sharp.


Working up a sweat with the Polar A300

When it comes to watches (and other devices) that are available to help you get fitter (or at least give you some metrics), you have a wide range of options out there. At the simpler end, you have things like my trusty Fitbit One; going to more complex, you have the full-on smart watches that incorporate some form of tracking (some with heart rate measurement as well). While I have previously reviewed one that was a bit short of a true smart watch (the Garmin 920XT, which would give notifications from the phone), we have not looked at many that are purely fitness devices. Well, today we expand that coverage a bit more with the Polar A300.


Visiting Shinola in Detroit

As any longtime reader of my writing will know, I have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to Shinola. I am originally from outside of Detroit, and had been intimately familiar with manufacturing and automotive, and the impact the downturn has had on those industries, and the people involved in them. Will one single brand setting up shop in Detroit revitalize things on its own? No, it won’t – but they can certainly lead the charge to a revitalized – and skilled – manufacturing base in the city.


Introducing the Montblanc Augmented Paper and StarWalker Pen

We here at WWR have a wide variety of interests. Sure, watches are definitely at the top of our lists, but we also like to dabble in such things as Everyday Carry and men’s style, for instance. Those are categories that we have started to write about more here, but there is a more recent interest of mine that has not really have much coverage on these pages – that being pens. Now, as a lefty, I have had my own contentious history with writing implements, but it is something you simply cannot get around – we need to write. Yes, you can take notes on a computer (which I do), but sometimes the written form is the better way to get the information down. That is where something like the Montblanc Augmented Paper and StarWalker Pen come in.

airspeed featured image

The WWR September 2016 Giveaway – a CJR Airspeed Regulator

We have been fortunate to be able to feature a variety of different watch styles for our monthly giveaways, courtesy of the largesse of the brands that we work with. While we do feature a lot of Kickstarter watches on the site, we have not been able to give too many of them away (as they’re generally prototypes). Well, we get to add another one to that select list this month, as we have an opportunity for you to win a CJR Airspeed Regulator.