Watching time swing with the Fromanteel Pendulum Dark

July 13, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Ah, the Special Dark.  AKA, the last flavor I ever would eat in a bag of Hershey’s miniatures, at least as a kid.  These days, my tastes have changed.  And not just in chocolate – watch tastes will form, change, and reform over time.  While I certainly have been a fan of dress watches, I’ve…

A Matter of Time is modularizing your watch

July 12, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

We wanted to cover off on a new watch that just hit Kickstarter, from a new brand called A Matter of Time (AMOT).  Now, to be certain, this is not the first time we’ve seen modular concept watches hitting these pages (see Evarii and Eldon for some history and context).  However, as it is certainly a break…

Have a safe and happy Fourth!

July 4, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Once again, it’s time that those of us in the US of A commemorate the birth of our country with barbecue, beverages, and good ol’ blowing stuff up (aka fireworks).  Since it’s a holiday a good chunk of us are observing, there’s really no watch post for this fourth of July.

The July 2017 WWR Giveaway – a Spinnaker Spence SP-5039

July 3, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

This month, we have your chance to win a watch from the most popular style of watches there seems to be – a dive watch.  Something about that promise of rugged durability in the face of adventure, I suppose.  Which also means that it will handle bumping into your desk and doorframe at the office,…

Getting smart with the Chronos Wearable

June 30, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Smart watches are a category that I have really wanted to like more than I actually do.  I have always been a tech and gadget guy, so the marriage of that realm of interest with that of watches seems like it would be a perfect match.  And who knows, perhaps for you, they are.

Sailing along with the Frederique Constant Runabout GMT

June 29, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Ah, I still fondly remember when I first learned about Frederique Constant.  The idea that you could get champagne-level watches at beer prices was simply entrancing.  In fact, that’s what a lot of the crowd-funded watches try to position themselves as.  However, with Frederique Constant, my experience has been that the products usually match to the marketing hype.  Today, we’re taking a look at the first GMT from the brand that I’ve had cross my desk, the Frederique Constant Runabout GMT.

Looking for a Lum-Tec and feeling charitable?

June 28, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Lum-Tec is, in all likelihood, a brand that really needs no introduction to our readers.  Their own watches have no shortage of popularity, and the Ohio-based company has been assembling quite a few of your favorite micro brands over the last few years.  Just recently, we received word of something CGA (also known for the…