The Devil’s dive watch: Introducing a pair of limited edition Christopher Ward Tridents

July 17, 2017 . by Jim Manley

I’m sure the trademark forked counterbalance on Christopher Ward’s dive watches is usually supposed to evoke Poseidon’s spear, but with the new C60 Trident Pro COSC and the C60 Trident Day Date COSC Limited Editions the bright red fork clearly belongs to a different supernatural being.

Hands-on with two Christopher Ward jumping hour watches

July 14, 2017 . by Jim Manley

Like a subtle sonnerie, the jumping hour complication audibly announces each hour. Instead of chiming like a grand sonnerie—and costing tens of thousands of dollars—a jumping hour clicks at the top of the hour as a digital hour wheel “jumps” to the next hour. Not unlike the sound of a date wheel snapping into a…

Hourtime Show: Grand Seikos, Polish Airforce watches, and time-telling cufflinks

July 13, 2017 . by Victor Marks

The grandest of all Seiko. The Polish Airforce and watches that honor it. And real, time-telling watch cufflinks. These things have nothing to do with each other, but we like them all, all on this HourTime podcast!

Bovet embraces the 365.25-day year, the Pope be damned

July 13, 2017 . by Jim Manley

Most of the world is happy to accept the Gregorian calendar and the need for leap years—but the Bovet Récital 20 Astérium is having none of that. Since the Earth actually spins around the Sun once every 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes and 9.77 seconds (or 365.25 days) the calendar needs to catch up to the…

Watching time swing with the Fromanteel Pendulum Dark

July 13, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

Ah, the Special Dark.  AKA, the last flavor I ever would eat in a bag of Hershey’s miniatures, at least as a kid.  These days, my tastes have changed.  And not just in chocolate – watch tastes will form, change, and reform over time.  While I certainly have been a fan of dress watches, I’ve…

A Matter of Time is modularizing your watch

July 12, 2017 . by Patrick Kansa

We wanted to cover off on a new watch that just hit Kickstarter, from a new brand called A Matter of Time (AMOT).  Now, to be certain, this is not the first time we’ve seen modular concept watches hitting these pages (see Evarii and Eldon for some history and context).  However, as it is certainly a break…

Review: CJR Commander, now on Kickstarter

July 12, 2017 . by Victor Marks

Last year, we reviewed the CJR Airspeed, the first watch from CJR. Now, they’re back from outer space with the CJR Commander, a skeletonized movement, and an open dial. CJR shipped one to us prior to launching their Kickstarter, and it’s worth having a look.