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You can help conservation with the Ball Fireman Ducks Unlimited


Of the various lineups that Ball has in their catalog, one of the ones I’ve liked the most has to be the Fireman collection. While I’m not a hunter myself, I appreciate that they’re teaming up (again) with Ducks Unlimited to help raise funds for wetlands conservation with the Ball Fireman Ducks Unlimited.

In Review: Nove Trident Automatic


Do not be deceived – you are not seeing a duplicate review. Not that long ago, Victor reviewed the quartz version of the Nove Trident (seen here), but this time around, we’re talking about the Nove Trident Automatic. That’s the watch we brought you word of here. Well, there’s still a week to go on their funding campaign, so let’s see what you’ll be backing, shall we?

In Review: Torgoen T43 Diver


If you recall, back in November, we first brought you word of the Torgoen T43. Well as we said in that article, we were working on getting in a loaner, and we did just that. So, here we are today, telling you what it’s like when an aviation-focused brand makes a dive watch.

Closed for a few more days (to make sure 2020 heads out)


Just as with last week, we’re taking another few day break so you can get ready for your parties (and recover from said parties). We’ll be back to our usual foolishness next week – see you then!

In Review: Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT


Here we are – our final review of the year. Somehow, friends, we made it through, and there have been plenty of interesting watch releases to distract us from what was going on in the world for a few minutes. In this case, it was the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT that caught my eye, and we were able to get a loaner in for a bit.

Citizen made a boring smartwatch and told everyone how unique it was


Citizen made the CZ Smart smartwatch, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Why? Because they’ve learned nothing.

The trouble with fakes


I bought a fake Rolex so you don’t have to. I bought it from a company called TrustyTime ? I’m pretty sure it’s just one guy, but let’s call it a company ? and what I got was a red-faced Oyster Perpetual with automatic movement and a case that looked like a real Rolex.

That’s where the similarity stopped.

A new smartwatch challenger appears: Citizen CZ Smart


Now, to be fair, Citizen actually brought this out last month. But, 2020 does it’s thing, and it slipped from our immediate memory. Smart watches aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so more competition in the arena is a good thing. What is it that the Citizen CZ Smart brings?

Closed for a few days, #watchfam


Many of you are celebrating and spending time with family, so we’re taking this opportunity to take a break for a few days as well. No new content on the 24th or 25th, but we’ll be back into the swing of it next week. See you then!

Looking for a unique clock?


We just wrote about “Time Since Launch” over on our sister site, Knapsack. Though it’s a bit of a gadget, it’s also a timekeeper, so you may be interested – have a peek!