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Now Funding: WT Author 1973


It’s been many a month since we’ve had WT Author on our pages. When they were starting up, we actually went through a number of their watches (1904, 1914, 1929) before we took a break. Well, as you can tell from that lineup, they’ve been bringing their watch design through the decades, and time marches ever forward. Now, they’ve launched the latest – the WT Author 1973 – on Kickstarter.

Tudor watch updates Black Bay with precious metals, new chrono models, and more


Tudor, the brand that likes to bill themselves as the “affordable subsidiary of Rolex”, has launched 5 variations of existing models. To the surprise of exactly no one, they are all named “Black Bay”.

Introducing the Timex Q 1978


Aside from all of their Peanuts collaborations (like this one) and the broader Marlin lineup, I think where we’re seeing the heat in the Timex lineup is in their Q lineup. While the bi-color bezel ones get the attention, there are some other really nice re-issues coming along, such as the Timex Q 1978.

Tudor Watch completely screwed up their launch, site offline for over an hour


I know, it’s not nice to kick someone when they’re down. I am truly sorry for the web admin that has to work on Tudorwatch.com. The site was down for 1 hour and 30 minutes. What happened?

Rolex 2021 Explorer 1 – back in its original size at 36mm


Rolex announced their 2021 models online this year, instead of at an event like Baselworld. The big news is, the Rolex Explorer 1, which has been 39mm since about 2005, is now available again in its original 36mm size.

Introducing the Tutima Flieger Slate Grey


When spring rolls around, we tend to think about getting more colorful. Partly this is because we’re coming out of the monochrome of winter, but it can also be done to offset the dreariness that springtime can bring with cloudy skies overhead (or is that just a Midwest thing)? That said, I find grey to be a universal color – much like black, it just goes with everything, just a bit more subtly. If you agree with me, then the new Tutima Flieger Slate Grey is worth noting.

Now Funding: Agelocer Moonphase


I know that we’ve had a lot of crowd-funding watches up as of late, but there’s also been a slew of rather interesting ones. Today, we’ve got a watch that we’ve actually got a loaner in for review as well, but we wanted to get a quick article up about the campaign launch so you could check it out while we prepare our review. Now, on to the Agelocer Moonphase!

Now Funding: Olto-8 Infinity II


As I wrote in yesterday’s article, it takes something special to make a Kickstarter watch stand out for me. Sometimes it’s something I’d really consider buying for myself, and others I can applaud the creativity while it’s not something I’d necessarily want to wear myself. It’s that latter category that I find the Olto-8 Infinity II landing.

Now Funding: Valimor Caliburnus II


When I’m looking at watch projects that hit Kickstarter, I tend to feel a bit jaded. To put it simply, there is a lot of cut-and-paste catalog garbage out there. I mean, if you need to use a catalog case to control costs for the rest of your unique design? I’m good with that, especially if you’re starting out. However, if you really want to to stand out, create something really interesting, visually – just like the Valimor Caliburnus II.

Introducing the GoS Norrsken


Yesterday we had a green watch, and would you look at that – today, we’ve got another green watch, with another very, very interesting dial. Friends, meet the GoS Norrsken.