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Listen to the Summer’s Hottest Tag Heuer-Super Mario Takes on The HourTime Show

The Tag Heuer Connected X Super Mario. Image Credit: Tag Heuer

Victor and Nicholas are here to whisk you into another fun week here on The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com. This week, your pals finally get a chance to talk in-depth about that Tag Heuer Super Mario smartwatch. Did they like it? There’s only one way to find out.

Now Funding: DWISS Floating Hours


DWISS has created a number of different watches, and they’re making changes – as of late – within their existing lines. The latest one to get this treatment is their Racing line, which brings us to the DWISS Floating Hours, aka the DWISS R2.

Now Funding: Atowak Ettore Drift


Often, watches that show up on Kickstarter are just a tired retread of things that came before. It’s one thing to draw inspiration from the big brands, but to just flat out copy them (or even copy the littler brands) that’s just not what we’re here for. However, if you can bring something that reminds me of an Urwerk or MB&F? Then you’ve got my attention – and that’s the Atowak Ettore Drift, for sure.

Final days of Funding: Roebuck Scuba


Hey, remember the Roebuck Scuba that we reviewed a little bit ago? Well, right now, the Kickstarter campaign has just 5 days left to go, so if you were thinking of backing the project, now is the time to do it! campaign page

Introducing: the Undone Space Jam collection


A little over a week ago, we brought you the first Space Jam watch collaboration we saw; today, we’ve got another one to talk about. This time around, it’s the crew over at Undone bringing two models to us, one limited and the other with some customization options.

In Review: Dream Arcades Magic Arcade


I’m in love. The Dream Arcades Magic Arcade is that good. It’s a $999 DIY arcade cabinet with two controllers and a rollerball that can play any game ever, within reason. It is a font of joy, a source of fun, and it’s a great product from folks who have been building these things for years.

Yeah. You can say I’m stoked.

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Introducing: Arnold & Son Globetrotter Gold


I am indeed of a watch that let’s me track a second timezone, be it via a GMT complication or world timer stuff. Though, largely, I tend to prefer that in a sportier look that fits into both every day and dressier wear should the occasion call for it (as a good traveling watch should do). Sometimes, though, you just need to stop and admire something that’s done in a much more artistic take, and that’s what the Arnold & Son Globetrotter Gold is.

Introducing: Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional


While Tissot is a well-known brand, when I think of their watches, I tend to think more along the lines of their super-technical T-Touch stuff, or their more mainstream things like the partnership they’ve established with the NBA. However, if that’s how my brain thinks of them, that’s underselling the brand, and the just-announced Tissot Seastar 2000 Professional is forcing me to reset my expectations.

Itsa me! A cynical effort to cash in on Gen X/Millennial nostalgia by placing a beloved character on an expensive smart watch!


TAG Heuer, a company that makes an acceptable and expensive smart watch call the TAG Heuer Connected, has slapped Mario onto its latest creation, birthing such a hell-spawned watch that even Peach herself couldn’t stomach friend-zoning the wearer.

Introducing: Yema Superman Skin Diver


Last year, around this time, we told you about the Yema Superman Heritage 63. Here we are, a year later, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s another “heritage” Yema that was announced – the Yema Superman Skin Diver.