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Watches on display with The Watch Stand x Berd Vay’e


At this point, you’re likely familiar with Berd Vay’e and the clever sculptures they create with watch movement parts and resin (and if you’re not, check out our prior articles). Well, now they’ve partnered up with the crew over at The Watch Stand to give you something with a bit of function, in the form of The Watch Stand x Berd Vay’e.

Introducing: Ball Engineer Master II Diver Chronometer


As I’ve said before, I’ve long enjoyed what Ball has been producing. They’re not the only brand producing watches with tritium on the dial, but they’re doing the most interesting things. As of late, it’s their rainbow dials that just capture my attention. One of the latest to get that treatment is the Ball Engineer Master II Diver Chronometer.

Introducing: Fossil Space Jam Collections


While Space Jam: A New Legacy isn’t releasing until next week (on July 16th), Fossil is letting you get the scoop on their latest watch collections that are being launched along with the movie. Read on for a quick rundown of the three different collections that are being created here.

Triwa believes it’s Time for Transparency


Now, you might be expecting that this is another watch release, given how they’ve used the “Time For” phrasing in the past (see here, for example). However, that’s not the case. In fact, this is more broadly applied to all of the Triwa products. They’re committed to being more eco friendly, and they just recently got certified to be able to calculate a carbon footprint for everything they produce.

Enjoy the 4th of July Weekend With The HourTime Show!

Image Credit: Jocelyn / Flickr

Happy 4th of July! Well, technically it’s July 5 but many places in the US (including us here WristWatchReview.com) are taking the day off to celebrate the holiday. So what I I thought would be a fun idea would be to highlight some of out favorite episodes of our official podcast, The HourTime Show, since we re-launched last December.

Happy Fourth of July “weekend”


Once again, it’s time that those of us in the US of A commemorate the birth of our country with barbecue, beverages, and good ol’ blowing stuff up (aka fireworks). Sure, that was yesterday, but I think many of us are making it a three-day weekend – so no watch post for today.

Introducing: Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Diamond


Every year, Swedish brand Sjöö Sandström releases a novelty for the year. For 2020, it was a brown-dialed version of their Royal Steel Classic. While this more recent release isn’t “officially” the limited model for the year, it’s a twist of an existing line, so I think it sort of fits – the Sjöö Sandström Royal Steel Classic Diamond.

Dallas-based Timepiece Gentleman allegedly makes off with customer cash


A website, store, and YouTube group called the Timepiece Gentleman has shut down after taking in $2,000 in cash from hundreds of collectors who were promised access to buy Rolex watches at “wholesale” prices. The group’s SquareSpace website is down and according to WatchCollectingLifestyle the company’s Dallas office is shut and the gilt naming on the front window has been scratched away. The group allegedly also has a set of watches consigned by customers who wanted to sell through their service.

In Review: Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Auto


Back in 1961, Elvis Presley wore a Hamilton Ventura in the film Blue Hawaii, and it instantly became a desirable watch, and a noticeable icon in the wrist watch landscape. More recently, of course, it was the Men in Black films that showcased the Ventura, but it’s that Elvis association that got it all going. So, that’s why the latest version is named as the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Auto – might as well keep that association strong.

Introducing: Oak & Oscar Jackson Big Eye


If someone says “Hey, come over here and check out this two-register chronograph”, you’ve probably got a picture set in your mind of what it’s going to look like. That is, unless you’re a clever designer, and want to mix things up. Then you end up with Oak & Oscar Jackson Big Eye.