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Re-introducing the HourTime Podcast


It’s the night before Christmas (Eve) and all through the house,

three creatures were stirring, including Niklaus.

The microphones hung by the watchboxes with care

in hopes that St. Victor soon would appear.

The readers were nestled all snug in with ADs;

While visions of Rolexes filled their big dreams;

And John in his kerchief looking back to the past

said “Fine, let’s restart the old HourTime podcast.”

So open your apps, click the box to subscribe

or visit on PodHound, if you’re so inclined.

Because podcasts are fun and you all seemed to take ’em

and Nick told us he’d post ’em all if we promised to make ’em.

So Happy Christmas, my friends, and a Happy New Year

and here’s hoping PKansa makes a podcast on beer.

Introducing the Yema PearlDiver


You know me – if Yema introduces a new model, I’m going to want to talk about it (and likely angle for a loaner to review). Over the last year or so, I’ve really become enamored with what the brand is producing, and their latest – the Yema PearlDiver – is no exception.

Introducing the Timex Marlin California


You know who we really have not covered in a LONG time? Timex, that’s who. Sure, we’ve covered some of their Todd Snyder releases, but they tend to get short shrift, which is a shame. Partly due to just how pervasive they are in watches, and partly due to the fact that’ve had some really sharp designs coming out. One of the newest – announced this month – is the Timex Marlin California.

Support ALS research with Moser


As a year, 2020 has stunk – no two ways about it. While COVID has dominated things, there are plenty of other things going on in the medical world, including researching treatment for diseases like ALS. If you want to support that sort of research – and you’ve got the spare coin – read on to see what these new “Cure ALS” releases from H. Moser & Cie have for you.

Review: the thinnest dive watch, by NOVE


NOVE makes what is quite possibly the thinnest dive watch known to man, for some definitions of “dive watch”.

Let me explain.

Steve McQueen’s Le Mans Heuer Monaco sells for over $2 million


A recent auction brought up a piece of horological history: the Heuer Monaco racing watch Steve McQueen wore in the movie Le Mans. While the auction house, called Phillips, claims this is “the most important Heuer wristwatch of all time, and one of the most celebrated timepieces of the 20th century,” I wouldn’t go that far. That said, it’s a pretty iconic piece.

Introducing the John Robert Archetype


As you might imagine, we get all manner of emails coming in, telling us about “amazing” new brands and watches coming out. Of the new brands, it’s a low percentage that actually grab our attention. Recently, it was the John Robert Archetype that made it past the internal spam filters.

Did you see this Yema x Klokkeriet collaboration?


By now, you should be familiar with Yema, as we’ve written about a vast majority of their watches. You may be less familiar with Klokkeriet, a Norwegian watch enthusiast group on Facebook. Yema created a watch for them, and now the remaining pieces of the YEMA Speedgraf x Klokkeriet are available to the general public.

Introducing the Marloe Atlantic


It’s been some time since we’ve had Marloe Watch Co on our pages, but with our eyes turned away, they’ve managed to keep busy. Frankly, any brand launching new watches in the midst of pandemic disruptions is worth some applause. For those who like mechanical chronographs, the new Marloe Atlantic lineup may require a standing ovation.

It’s not easy being green – unless you’re Zodiac


Around this time of year, just about everything is turning dull and grey. The vibrant fall colors are done, and everything is settled in for a long winter nap. Well, if you want some verdant color on your wrist, the just-announced Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression limited edition is calling you.