Christopher Ward pulls out of the pack

May 29, 2008 . by John Biggs

Christopher Ward Watches is starting to pull out of the crowd with some distinctive and handsome designs. From the start, their business model has been to put out a first rate watch on a razor thin profit margin. Their earlier watches were definitely tasteful, but a little on the conservative side. With the C6 Kingfisher…

St. Moritz Titan II, the all-rounder

May 21, 2008 . by John Biggs

No matter how many watches a body might have, if you’re the watch wearing type, you have a favorite, the one watch that is the fallback not matter the circumstance. This is mine. I was looking for a watch for all seasons, and this one was the best fit. I wanted an analog, with an…

Marathon CSAR Chrono Review

May 16, 2008 . by John Biggs

Nubo reviews the massive Marathon CSAR chrono, a beautiful tool watch that looks like a tank. 7750 Valjoux and lots of extraneous markings and screw down push buttons FTW.

Chuck Maddox, watch guru, dead at 46

May 16, 2008 . by John Biggs

Watch Blogger and horology genius died on May 12. His insight and research into everything from Omegas to mainsprings made him one of the most important names in this business. I’ve had limited interaction with him over the years but the exchanges I’ve had were quite cordial and he was always helpful.

TX is not just Timex

May 15, 2008 . by John Biggs

I received a TX World Time for review last week. Wow. This is definitely not your dad’s Timex. I think it is fair to say that TX is to Timex what Tissot is to Swatch. Yes, Swatch group makes Tissot, but a Tissot is not a Swatch, and a TX is not Timex. It’s big,…