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OmegaBlogger Selling Blue Dialled Omega Electronic


This excellent condition Omega features the innovative and supremely accurate F300 Tuning Fork movement. Holding a place in history as the first electronic watches it is based on the Bulova Accutron movements. Much preferred by the Omega collector due to the fact that the second hand sweeps round smoothly unlike the jerky action of the inferior quartz watches.

Check out the auction here.

Shilling – Selling a CES SPOT Watch $40 shipped


Give SPOT a chance. CES edition Swatch Paparazzi watch with charger. Works perfectly. This watch is designed to pick up radio signals from SPACE (!!) – OK, the FM band – and inform you on News, Weather, Sports, et al. I will transfer ownership to you upon purchase but you will have to sign up for Microsoft’s Direct service to get news et al. Like new, no damage, never worn. 45mm face, rubber band.

Paypal perfect.

121Time Watch Design Contest


WatchUSeek is hosting a design contest with 121Time and offer a $200 gift voucher. Hurry!

A dedicated jury composed of 121TIME staff & designers will meet at the first day of each month (5x) until December 2005 and choose the most appealing watch design out of all valid entries.

Check it out here.

Nutty Japanese Site – NUTS

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks like a real nice site. The pieces are all under $1000 and there are a few crazy looking Gehry watches that I wouldn’t mind wearing.

Check it out here.

New Old LED Watches

Very cool. Simon at LED-WATCH is selling new LED watches with the beautiful red LED readout in brand new cases for about $100 US. Extremely James Bondian. He’s even got a sexy new style, Space, coming in September.

Check them out here.



Very cute. 42.

Check it out here.

Cool B Version on Tokyoflash

I didn’t like the C Version but the B Version rocks.

i4u is offering free shipping. Click through to get it.

Check it out here.