H.R.T. Tactical Sniper Watch

February 28, 2007 . by John Biggs

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but this watch helps you take out folks at 1000 meters, which is a great help to those in that line of work. Clearly, there is more to this than I can fathom, but it allows you to enter various pieces of shooting data in order to…

Oakley – Ahem – In the Field

February 28, 2007 . by John Biggs

Reader Edward send along this great photo from C4ISR Journal, a warfare magazine aimed at execs. It seems the Oakley Saddleback is the watch to have if you’re staring down a target at 2 miles. Amazingly good PR for Oakley, I guess. Oakley Saddleback

Eos Entourage Watch

February 26, 2007 . by John Biggs

I’m not in love with this thing, but if you like Entourage and watches, then go ahead and pick this up. I can’t imagine it’s much more than $500 and if it is then someone is paying too much for a watch. In fact, the only telltale details that link it to the show are…

Watch Joke… Ahem…

February 23, 2007 . by John Biggs

An Italian parks his brand new BMW in front of the office, just down the street from Casa Napoli, to show it off to his bros. As he’s getting out of the car, a truck comes speeding along close to the curb and takes off the door before speeding away. More than a little distraught,…

Vintage Wrist Radios

February 23, 2007 . by John Biggs

Watchismo does it again. They have a full round up of vintage transistor radio watches that looks part Dick Tracy and part Blade Runner. Crazy stuff. Vintage Transistor Wrist Radios – Dick Tracy Wannabes [THE WATCHISMO TIMES]

Rolex Reborn

February 21, 2007 . by John Biggs

An AMAZING look at restoring an old Rolex. Alright, further examination of the watch confirms the above – there’s really nothing wrong with the exterior of the watch that a good cleaning and polishing won’t fix. There’s no rust or major physical trauma. And it looks like the watch hasn’t been polished much before, which…

What’s the Deal With Blued Screws

February 21, 2007 . by John Biggs

Great thread on PMWF about blued screws. Some screws have the slot “silver” and the rest of the screw. Visit for the answer to the riddle. What I expect is >>